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  • Hey!

    I just created a blog

    I downloaded the swedish language pack but it seemed to mainly translate the admin section. That is not so interesting as my english is good enough. But my visitors might not be as good so I want to change everything that’s in english at the blog.

    Another thing I’m wondering is if it’s possible to remove a section. For instance, the meta section seems irrevelvante.


    EDIT: By downloading the theme translated to swedish I got further, although, everything is screwed up. Click the link above to see the wierd result.

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  • I don’t see anything as “screwed up” (FF)

    The only thing that is not correct is the encoding of the text Search (Sök) ü it has been coded with another character encoding – not utf-8.
    Are you sure you downloaded the utf-8 encoded translation?
    (WP’s default encoding is utf-8, so if you didn’t change it, you should use that translation.) At the download place
    there are 2 versions!


    You were correct, I’d downloaded the ISO file. Now I used the UTF and it worked like a charm. I only have a couple of more issues.

    1. There’s still a couple of translation problems. For instance it says “No Comments »” and not “Inga kommentarer” as it supposed to. Is there a file I can edit manually to fix this?

    2. When someone wants to leave a comment there’s some translation problems as well. The word “required” is not swedish… 😛 How can I change that?

    3. The section Links (Länkar) seems to be random. The links are scrambled every time you reload the page, how can I decide which one is going to be on top?

    4. The section Meta is unnecessary, how can I remove it?

    A little change, I moved the blog to:

    And two more questions:

    * I now see that when I post, the date is in the following format: “oktober 9th, 2006”, in swedish that would have been “9 oktober 2006”. How can I change that?

    * Now I also see that at the title of my post is says “ >> Blog archive >> Första posten”. I’d like the “Blog Archive” to be in swedish if possible.

    Sorry for poping a question in your thread, nice work with the translation by the way. How do I install the swedish translation architecture refered in comment above in link

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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