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  • Hi, I tried to look through the files of the plugin but I don’t see any usefull for a translation from English (.po .pot etc.).
    It seems that the only way is to modify fc-mortgage-calculator.php and some javascript libraries (even if I didn’t understood how to for the contents of “schedule” and “charts”)

    Also, I didn’t understand what I need to do to hide some fields that don’t have sense in my Country (Annual Property Taxes and so on) other than cutting the related code blocks in fc-mortgage-calculator.php

    Can you help me with this, please?
    Thank you!

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    Hello, the one new feature I plan for the next update to my plugins is to easily give users the ability to translate them to other languages.

    What language are you interested in? Perhaps I can start the update for this calculator first.

    As to hiding the inputs, there is no built-in option for doing that. However, if you know CSS you could add a display ‘none’ to the attributes you want to hide as a style attribute. No need to cut them out (that would not work anyway as the JavaScript code looks for them.)

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    Hi, Thank you for your very fast reply.

    1. My language is Italian and – if you wish – I can provide you with the exact translations (automatic translators often make funny mistakes; for example “principal” – intended as as a sum of money – is frequently translated as “principale”, that has another meaning (“main” or “boss” in english), while in reality the exact term is “capitale”).

    2. Unfortunately, I’m a marketer: I barely have a smattering of HTML, but I only handle CSS on an intuitive level. Anyway I will try to follow your advice, if I can understand how and where to get my hands: at most I’ll restore the original file 🙂

    Rather… I wanted to ask you if you are interested in making customizations on request. Naturally paid. I need calculation masks to simulate mortgages and personal loans, but also insurance. In particular, life insurance coverage ( like this, in example: ), fire / explosion with an annual premium for the home and a multi-risk policy for the home.
    Do you think it can be done and in this case how much could it cost? Can I privately send you my email?

    Thanks for your time and have a nice day 🙂

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    I am quite booked presently, but maybe we can work something out with respect to the translation. So yes, you may contact me via my website.

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    Hi @i3uk

    I released over the weekend v1.5 of all my financial calculator plugins.

    They all support .PO files and come with 14 machine translations. If you are still interested, I’ll rebuild the Italian translation if you care to make the necessary edits.

    Also, if you know any Italian bloggers, I’m offering all the calculators @ for use on sites whose owners edit the translations.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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