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    I see other post on this subject, but none of them resolves my problem.

    In the wordpress mailchimp widget some of the content does not get transled. In the setup I can only change the header, subheader and submit text. I still get the “Email address” and “*required field” in english.

    My wordpress is running da_DK and other translations on my blog works perfectly.

    Can I change this text in som .php file??

    Thanks a lot

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  • @joynielsen: Have you yet solved the problem? I’m struggling with same issue and is curious to know if you’ve done any progress.

    @turboo: Nope, I gave up, sorry.

    Okay. I’ll post it here if the situation changes.

    I went from Mailchimp to MailPress (for WP). A better solution for my needs. Thanks anyway. 🙂

    My plugin “MailChimp Widget” may translate better. If anyone has any feedback, or if there are any translation issues that come up with the plugin, please let me know.

    I am using your mailchimp widget plugin on
    I use danish da-dk translation. The plugin doesn´t translate “email address” and “required field”. The “success…..” text after submitting is also in english.

    If you can point me to where I can translate it will be great. Even better make the plugin translate automaticly will be super.

    Thanks for the work, great plugin.

    Hi Joy… The plugin you’re using isn’t mine. I am planning to internationalize my plugin, though, and if you would like to help make Danish the first non-English language it’s translated to, that would be super. I’m going to add a .pot file to the plugin repository.

    FYI, my plugin lives here:

    It’s similar to the MailChimp plugin but with a couple important differences:

    1. It’s a bit more stripped down in terms of fields offered

    2. It allows different instances of the widget to feed different MailChimp lists (e.g., you could have separate signups for Newsletter and Product updates just by dragging in different widgets and selecting the appropriate list).



    Hi James
    Sure I´ll help you translate your widget 🙂

    I just checked it out and I like it a lot. Simple, easy to use.
    And translation will make it perfekt on my site.

    I´m not at php pro but I guess I´ll work out how to translate the .pot file….

    🙂 Joy

    Is it possible to add a “Name” field in your MailChimp widget before “email address”?
    I use the [NAME]tag in my newsletters.


    You’re the second person who’s asked for name fields, so I’ll try and get optional name fields in today.

    I don’t have a whole lot of strings that need translation in my plugin, so it’s not totally prohibitive to edit the file by hand. However, check out POEdit, which will make the process easier. 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback and help!



    I’ve added in optional first and last name fields now… ping me if you’re having any trouble figuring out how to do the translation.


    Just committed the translation, Joy. Please let me know if you have any difficulty with it after upgrading to 0.3. I’m going to mark this issue resolved, unless there are any objections (if it’s not working).

    Oops… Looks like maybe you need to mark it resolved. 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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