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  • The plugin does what it shall do: Display events. If you want to use the tool in other languages or in a premium version, you have to adapt yourself on own development:

    1. The plugin has major translation gaps. Even if the language files are fully translated, there are still missing translation connections and so english terms instead of translations (German).
    2. If you want to contact the premium support they only provide you a forum without any bug fixes (since over a year).
    3. Even if I re-licensed the pro plugin the system says that the license expired.
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  • Plugin Contributor András Guseo


    Hello @delucks,

    Thanks for taking the time to write a review about our plugin and for giving an honest feedback.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to take an opportunity to respond to your points. I think there are a couple areas where perhaps there is a misunderstanding of how our translations work and what level of support we provide for our premium license holders and I’m hoping to clear those up.

    1. We have a big German community and some very active users and translators. Thanks to them both our free The Events Calendar and our premium Events Calendar PRO plugins have 100% translation status for German for 2-3 months. This said, every once in a while we bump into strings in the code, which don’t get translated due to some glitch and we try to fix these with every maintenance release. If you can point out which strings are not being translated and where we have translation gaps, we would be more than happy to get those fixed with the coming releases.

    Here are some articles that can help you manage the translations of our plugins:

    Translating The Events Calendar

    Translating the premium plugins

    Incomplete translations

    2. For our premium plugins we provide support in our premium support forums. We promise to give everyone a reply to any support question within 24-48 hours during the working week.
    When it comes to fixing bugs we have a quite regular schedule for maintenance releases, which are tailored to address reported issues. We aim for 1-2 releases each month and they typically include several fixes per release. You can find more details about our release schedule here.

    3. I’m sorry you are having a licensing issue. I have checked our records and there is one user with a similar name / domain / email address with an expired Events Calendar PRO license and a valid The Events Calendar: Community Events license. That still makes the user eligible for premium support after logging in on our website.
    For the details on what is included with a premiums license you can refer to this post.

    Thank you again for your honest feedback and we hope our clarifications will help you re-consider the review and provide us with more stars.


    Hi Andreas,

    thanks for your response.

    1. As I said the translations are 100%, but there were still English terms visible in the German calendar overview like „Previous“, “Next” and “Find out more“. You also haven’t seen words like „Date“, „Time“ and „Phone“ in the detail view of an event. Those words may appear in the .po and .mo files, but if the translation placeholders are missing since over a year, we had to bugfix your plugin by ourselves.

    3. Also not correct: In my account I can see that I re-purchased the license on April 10, 2017 but the license is still being displayed as inactive. So something is going wrong and even after your mail you could have fixed the connection.

    2. I understand your support policy, but where is the answer on my mails? Where are the solutions on the topics? Why can’t you respond on the mails and just do, for what you charge the premium fee? Do you think posting here an answer which is obviously not solving the issues gives you a good standing?


    Plugin Contributor András Guseo


    Hello Severin,

    Thanks for getting back to me with more details. Please allow me to try to give further clarification and help, so we can resolve any issues you may have.

    1. I’m really sorry about the translation issues you are having. With these issues you can always turn to our premium forums where one of our support technicians will be happy to help you out or provide you with a quick workaround until a final fix arrives.
    Please also note, that depending on the theme you are using some strings might not come from our plugins but either from the theme or WordPress. In these cases you will need to look for the translations in the respective locations.
    I have just checked with the recent versions of our plugins the “Date”, “Time” and “Phone” strings in German on the page of an event (single event page) and all of those are properly translated.

    2. I’m not sure I quite understand what you are referring to as mails. We provide premium support through our premium forums only, where you have the possibility to receive an email notification if there is a new reply to the thread.
    The solutions are posted in the thread itself where the user has the possibility to mark an issue resolved.

    I have checked our forums and found one topic opened by you about a year ago which was handled by one of our colleagues. He left you a question / request there for which we didn’t receive a reply from you. If you still have an issue, please open a new thread in the forums and we’ll be happy to provide you with support.

    I was posting here an answer to you to thank you for your open feedback and to try to help you solve and clarify any unresolved issues and questions.

    3. I have currently looked at your account and licenses and that already seems to be solved. Please let us know in the support forums if you need further help with that.

    Again thanks for your openness and honesty and in case you have any issues we are looking forward to helping you out in our forums.

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Hi Andres,

    two developers and I can’t confirm a theme issue but as we closed the translation links it’s OK by now. As you’re right that we didn’t answer the question I’m sorry for the -1 star in the rating and re-added it.

    Thank you for solving the licensing problem! This makes things much easier. Also therefor +1 star.


    Plugin Author Barry


    Thanks, Severin: let us know if we can do anything else 🙂

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