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    The text from the shortcode [gdpr_privacy_tools] did not translate correctly. It’s a mix between french and english… Is there any way to translate it completely please ?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    If the plugin isn’t fully translated in french, I agree to do so, but I need to know how first. I can send you the translation after if you want also.



    just confirming we’ve received your request – we’re on it!

    Hi @crael
    An update will be available In next release in one week.

    for this we have added option to run short-code from that editor.

    if user use conditional short-code in editor then it will show content accordingly to that condition in front-end

    for example for polylang language plug-in:
    [is_language lang=”en”]En language text[/is_language]
    [is_language lang=”fr”]Fr language text[/is_language]

    same this type of shorts codes are available on other plugins. that can work on editor now.

    Hi @data44,

    Thank you for working on the translation ! But I don’t understand how the conditional shortcode is working for your plugin.



    The shortcode [gdpr_privacy_tools] is translated to French except the content coming from Admin section editor at “Tools > Data443GDPR > Consent > additional info”.
    At that editor, you can use this conditional language short-code to translate page completely.

    I have this issue as well in regards to this specific bit not being translated to Danish..

    Think I reported it a while back but cant find the thread. I need the output to be in Danish as the site targets Danish users.

    Seems to be something you need to do judging from the solution referred to here – if so I’d like to make that request for next release of the plugin.

    For your convenience I provide below the Danish translations of the currently missing strings:


    • Please identify yourself via e-mail = Idetificér venligst dig selv via din email
    • Enter your email address = Indtast din email adresse
    • Enter your email address (showing greayed out in txt input field) = Indtast din email adresse
    • Send email = Send email


    • The email you entered does not appear to be a valid email.
    • We will send you an email with the link to access your data. Please check your spam folder as well! = Hvis den indtastede mail matcher den du har benyttet på siden vil du modtage et link per mail som du kan klikke for at tilgå din data



    I tested using a fake email and got the latter inline response above (second one).

    To me the plugin function referred to in step above is neither logical, sufficient or user friendly.

    The reply indicates that the email used indeed has been logged and verified in the WP database.

    Evidently the plugin should validate the input right away in order to immediately con- or affirm the validity of the provided mail?

    Else the user sits around and waits for nothing in the (fake) belief that s/he has used the correct mail address.

    This could potentially create some pretty nasty scenarios for the site owner in case users files complaints due to misinformation and lack of due diligence.



    • You are identified as = Du er identificeret som
    • Consent = Samtykke
    • Download your data = Download din data
    • You can download all your data formatted as a table for viewing.
      Alternatively, you can export it in machine-readable JSON format. = Du kan enten downloade din data i tabel format eller alternativt eksportere din data i maskine-læseligt JSON format.
    • Bottom 1: Download as table = Download som tabel
    • Bottom 2: Download as JSON = Download som JSON
    • Delete my user and data = Slet min bruger og data
    • Data deletion is disabled for administrative accounts. = Sletning af data er blokeret for administratorer.

    Those were the strings I could locate right off the bat. There must at least be an alternative to the last one as well.

    Look forward for the update on all this – thanks for an otherwise nice plugin!

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    Translation is done here

    You are welcome as contributor. When you are done, some of us Danish GTE will approve the translation.


    Have contributed 10 pages bedore throwing in the towel now.

    A substantial part of the strings are contrynames. (page mid 5 to page mid or so 21 I think)

    Estimate 80-90% of said country names are identical when translated to Danish. In case moderators have capabilities of bult select/copy multiple strings Iød suggest to directly copy page 11-20 and sort out incorrect strings afterwards. Would speed up the entire process a great deal vs copy string by string.

    Contributors can’t edit their own entries btw which is impractical. Had a few glitches (hit enter and made a typo) but can’t correct even if I would so sryy bout that assumed that was possible.

    Hope to hear from the dev team in regards to the function issue? 🙂

    Kind regards


    We have added the translation for the plugin in da_Dk language. Our next update it will work fine.
    New po/mo files will be with name “gdpr-framework-da_DK”

    Look for the next update early next week 🙂

    @beagent Hope you saw our update on Monday – let us know if anything else needs fixing.

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