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  • Hi!
    I have translated the retina.po file to german – at least I tried to do so. I did this first manually using vim as a text editor, then using POedit. Neither of them worked. Some text elements do translate properly, others do not. As examples, the strings “Monthly Archives:” and “You are browsing the site archives by month.” do not translate at all while “Edit” and “Leave a Comment” work properly.

    I have no clue why this happens but I have to admit I am completely new to wordpress. See the translated file below.


    msgid ""
    msgstr ""
    "Project-Id-Version: Retina 0.3\n"
    "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
    "POT-Creation-Date: 2013-03-21 17:20+0500\n"
    "PO-Revision-Date: 2013-03-21 17:20+0500\n"
    "Last-Translator: WPAisle <>\n"
    "Language-Team: WPAisle <>\n"
    "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
    "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
    "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
    "X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e;esc_attr_e;esc_attr\n"
    "X-Poedit-Basepath: E:\\retina\\\n"
    "X-Generator: Poedit 1.5.5\n"
    "X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .\n"
    #: 404.php:14
    #, php-format
    msgid ""
    "Just kidding! You tried going to %s, which doesn't exist, so that means I "
    "probably broke something."
    msgstr "Nur Spaß! Du hast veruscht, nach %s zu gelangen. Diese seite existiert nicht."
    #: 404.php:16
    msgid ""
    "The following is a list of the latest posts from the blog. Maybe it will "
    "help you find what you're looking for."
    msgstr "Nachfolgend findest Du eine Liste der letzten Beiträge des Blogs. Vielleicht hilft es Dir zu finden, wonach Du suchst."
    #: comments.php:4
    msgid ""
    "This post is password protected. Enter the password to view any comments."
    msgstr "Dieser Beitrag ist passwortgeschützt. Gib das Passwort ein, um Kommentare zu sehen."
    #: comments.php:32
    msgid "&larr; Older Comments"
    msgstr "&larr; Ältere Kommentare"
    #: comments.php:36
    msgid "Newer Comments &rarr;"
    msgstr "Neuere Kommentare &rarr;"
    #: comments.php:43
    msgid "Comment navigation"
    msgstr "Kommentarnavigation"
    #: comments.php:56
    msgid "Comments are closed."
    msgstr "Die Kommentarfunktion ist gesperrt."
    #: content-search.php:4 content.php:3
    #, php-format
    msgid "Permalink to %s"
    msgstr "Permaling nach %s"
    #: loop-error.php:2
    msgid "Nothing Found"
    msgstr "Leider nichts gefunden"
    #: loop-error.php:4
    msgid ""
    "Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps "
    "searching will help find a related post."
    msgstr "Leider wurde im entsprechenden Archiv nichts gefunden. Vielleicht hilft dir die allgemeine Suche weiter."
    #: loop-meta.php:4
    #, php-format
    msgid "Category Archives: %s"
    msgstr "Archiv nach Kategorie: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:11
    #, php-format
    msgid "Tag Archives: %s"
    msgstr "Archivtag: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:21
    #, php-format
    msgid "Author Archives: %s"
    msgstr "Archiv nach Autor: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:28
    #, php-format
    msgid "Search Results: %s"
    msgstr "Suchergebnisse: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:29
    #, php-format
    msgid "You are browsing the search results for %s"
    msgstr "Du siehst die Suchergebnisse für %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:35
    #, php-format
    msgid "Daily Archives: %s"
    msgstr "Tägliche Archive: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:36
    msgid "You are browsing the site archives by date."
    msgstr "Du durchsuchst das Archiv nach Datum"
    #: loop-meta.php:42
    #, php-format
    msgid "Monthly Archives: %s"
    msgstr "Monatliches Archiv: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:43
    msgid "You are browsing the site archives by month."
    msgstr "Du durchsuchst das Archiv nach Monat"
    #: loop-meta.php:49
    #, php-format
    msgid "Yearly Archives: %s"
    msgstr "Jährliche Archive: %s"
    #: loop-meta.php:50
    msgid "You are browsing the site archives by year."
    msgstr "Du durchsuchst die Archive nach Jahr."
    #: loop-meta.php:56 sidebar.php:31
    msgid "Archives"
    msgstr "Archive"
    #: loop-meta.php:57
    msgid "You are browsing the site archives."
    msgstr "Du durchsuchst das Archiv"
    #: loop-meta.php:63
    msgid "404"
    msgstr "404"
    #: loop-meta.php:64
    msgid "Whoah! You broke something!"
    msgstr "Oje... Jetzt hast Du etwas kaputtgemacht!"
    #: searchform.php:3
    msgid "Search for:"
    msgstr "Suche nach:"
    #: searchform.php:4 searchform.php:5
    msgid "Search"
    msgstr "Suche"
    #: sidebar.php:17
    msgid "Pages"
    msgstr "Seiten"
    #: sidebar.php:24
    msgid "Categories"
    msgstr "Kategorien"
    #: sidebar.php:38
    msgid "Calendar"
    msgstr "Kalender"
    #: sidebar.php:45
    msgid "Recent Posts"
    msgstr "Letzte Beiträge"
    #: sidebar.php:52
    msgid "Tag Cloud"
    msgstr ""
    #: sidebar.php:59
    msgid "About Retina"
    msgstr ""
    #: sidebar.php:60
    #, php-format
    msgid "%s"
    msgstr ""
    #: sidebar.php:66
    msgid "Meta"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:52 lib/admin/admin.php:53
    msgid "Retina Options"
    msgstr "Retina Optionen"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:103
    msgid "Theme Support"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:113
    msgid "License"
    msgstr "Lizenz"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:123
    msgid "Changelog"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:130
    msgid "For more information:"
    msgstr "Für weitere Informationen:"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:132
    msgid "Retina Project"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:135
    msgid "Retina Official Page"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:164
    msgid "Navigation Style"
    msgstr "Navigationsstyle"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:169
    msgid "Post Style"
    msgstr "Post-Style"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:170
    msgid "Post Featured Image"
    msgstr "'Featured Image' posten"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:175
    msgid "Use Copyright"
    msgstr "Copyright verwenden"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:176
    msgid "Enter Copyright Text"
    msgstr "Copyright-Text eingeben"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:181
    msgid "Reset Theme Options"
    msgstr "Theme-Optionen zurücksetzen"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:231
    msgid "yes"
    msgstr "Ja"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:231
    msgid "no"
    msgstr "Nein"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:236
    msgid "Numeric"
    msgstr "Numerisch"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:236
    msgid "Older / Newer"
    msgstr "Älter / Neuer"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:241
    msgid "Content"
    msgstr "Inhalt"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:241
    msgid "Excerpt"
    msgstr "Auszug"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:246
    msgid "Use Featured Image"
    msgstr "'Featured Image' verwenden"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:246
    msgid "Use Featured Image Automatically"
    msgstr "'Featured Image' automatisch verwenden"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:246
    msgid "No Featured Image"
    msgstr "Kein 'Featured Image'"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:289
    msgid "Settings Saved."
    msgstr "Einstellungen gespeichert."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:298
    msgid "Customize your blog by using the following settings."
    msgstr "Stelle Dein Blog mit den folgenden Optionen ein."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:315
    msgid "Select navigation style."
    msgstr "Navigationsstyle wählen"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:322
    msgid "Customize your posts by using the following settings."
    msgstr "Stelle das Format Deiner Posts mit folgenden Optionen ein."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:339
    msgid "Select post style."
    msgstr "Wähle das Post-Format aus."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:356
    msgid "<strong>Use Featured Image:</strong> which is set in the post."
    msgstr "<strong>'Featured Image' benuten:</strong> wie im Beitrag angegeben."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:357
    msgid ""
    "<strong>Use Featured Image Automatically:</strong> from the images uploaded "
    "to the post."
    msgstr "<strong>'Featured Image' automatisch verwenden:</strong> Von den hochgeladenen Bildern"
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:358
    msgid "<strong>No Featured Image:</strong> for the post."
    msgstr "<strong>Kein 'Featured Image'</strong>: Für den Beitrag."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:365
    msgid "Customize your footer by using the following settings."
    msgstr "Konfiguriere die Fußzeile mit folgenden Einstellungen."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:382
    msgid "Select yes to override default copyright text."
    msgstr "Wähle dies aus um den Standard-Copyrighttext zu umgehen."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:391
    msgid "Enter the copyright text."
    msgstr "Gib den Copyright-Text ein."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:399
    msgid "Here are the general settings to customize your blog."
    msgstr "Hier sind die allgemeinen Einstellungen für Dein Blog."
    #: lib/admin/admin.php:408
    msgid "Reset Theme Options."
    msgstr "Theme-Optionen zurücksetzen."
    #: lib/admin/page.php:9
    #, php-format
    msgid "%1$s Theme Settings"
    msgstr "%1$s Theme-Einstellungen"
    #: lib/admin/page.php:16 lib/admin/page.php:55
    msgid "Save Changes"
    msgstr "Einstellungen speichern"
    #: lib/admin/page.php:24
    msgid "Blog Settings"
    msgstr "Blog-Einstellungen"
    #: lib/admin/page.php:25
    msgid "Post Settings"
    msgstr "Beitrags-Einstellungen"
    #: lib/admin/page.php:26
    msgid "Footer Settings"
    msgstr "Fußzeilenkonfiguration"
    #: lib/admin/page.php:27
    msgid "General Settings"
    msgstr "Allgemeine Einstellungen"
    #: lib/functions/custom-header.php:26
    msgid "Retina"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/menus.php:9
    msgid "Retina Primary Menu"
    msgstr "Retina Hauptmenü"
    #: lib/functions/sidebars.php:40
    msgid "Retina Primary Sidebar"
    msgstr "Retina Haupt-Sidebar"
    #: lib/functions/sidebars.php:42
    msgid "The main (primary) widget area, most often used as a sidebar."
    msgstr "Der Haupt-Widget-Bereich, in der Regel als Sidebar verwendet."
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:16
    msgid "Featured"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:37
    #, php-format
    msgid "by %2$s"
    msgstr "nach %2$s"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:48 lib/functions/utility.php:50
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:347 lib/functions/utility.php:376
    msgid "Edit"
    msgstr "Bearbeiten"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:66
    msgid "Leave a Comment"
    msgstr "Kommentar hinterlassen"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:66
    msgid "1 Comment"
    msgstr "1 Kommentar"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:66
    msgid "% Comments"
    msgstr "% Kommentare"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:83
    msgid "Posted in:"
    msgstr "Gepostet in:"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:95
    msgid "Tagged:"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:107
    msgid "Pages:"
    msgstr "Seiten:"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:185 lib/functions/utility.php:208
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:235 lib/functions/utility.php:251
    msgid "Post Navigation"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:196
    msgid "Older Posts"
    msgstr "Ältere Beiträge"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:200
    msgid "Newer Posts"
    msgstr "Neue Beiträge"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:223
    msgid "Previous Post"
    msgstr "Voriger Beitrag"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:227
    msgid "Next Post"
    msgstr "Nächster Beitrag"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:252
    msgid "&larr; Return to"
    msgstr "&larr; Zurück zu"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:273
    msgid "Attachment Navigation"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:297
    #, php-format
    msgid "About %s"
    msgstr "Über %s"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:300
    #, php-format
    msgid "View all posts by %s"
    msgstr "Alle posts nach %s"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:333
    #, php-format
    msgid "%s Theme by"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:347
    msgid "Pingback:"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:372
    msgid "said:"
    msgstr ""
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:381
    msgid "Your comment is awaiting moderation."
    msgstr "Ihr Kommentar wartet auf Moderation"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:391
    msgid "Reply"
    msgstr "Antworten"
    #: lib/functions/utility.php:496 lib/functions/utility.php:501
    msgid "Continue Reading &rarr;"
    msgstr "Weiterlesen &rarr;"
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