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  • German translation, the second headline of your product description:
    “Rank Math schlägt die Mitbewerber mit gefesselten Händen auf dem Rücken.”
    In english:
    “Rank Math strikes competitors with their hands tied behind their backs.”

    Please do not use such a violence glorifying speach. I really had to read twice and cannot believe that something hatefull and torturing like this is used to “advertise” a “serious” (??) product at wordpress. I surely will not use something like this!

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  • Plugin Author Rank Math


    Hello @dartrax

    We appreciate your concerns and feedback.

    The translations are not added by the Rank Math team but by community members like you.

    You can always submit your translations here:

    Also. isn’t leaving a 1-star review for something where we did not contribute directly is extreme?

    Take care!

    Thread Starter dartrax


    It is your plugin, you are also responsible for other users’ contributions.
    What a cheeky and irresponsible answer.
    No more words needed.

    Plugin Author Rank Math


    Hello @dartrax

    Sorry for the confusion, but we do not submit the translations ourselves as mentioned earlier. It’s the community that submits the translations.

    You could have opened a support topic notifying that the translated text is incorrect and we could have tried reaching out to the translators to look into it or you could have submitted the fixed translations for helping the entire community.

    We do not speak German so you could understand that the translations would mean the same to us and the literal meaning of the translated text/sentences is nearly impossible for us to understand.

    With that said, we appreciate your feedback and will see if anything could be improved.

    We wish you great health in these tragic times.

    If this is really an issue, the original text might be improved by using more common English terminology. This will then, in turn, allow the translator to have a better chance of providing a more accurate alternative. (I expect that this translation was submitted by copying and pasting an automatic translation, which often ends badly.)

    “Rank Math strikes competitors with their hands tied behind their backs.”: the verb “strike” is (in this context) used to mean “hit”, hence the indication that it’s an aggressive statement. This sentence is certainly more of a reference to hitting people while they’re tied up than saying that the plugin is better than the competitors’ alternatives.

    If you intended to say that the plugin is better than all of the competitors, then the following, common usage English phrase would be more accurate:

    “Rank Math beats all of its competitors hands down.”

    Plugin Author Rank Math


    Hello @markhowellsmead

    Thank you for taking your time to make a suggestion. We have edited the text in English.

    Hopefully the text will be translated soon to match the actual sentiment/meaning.

    Sincerely appreciate your time and help. Take care!

    I added a new translation for the german readme.

    “Rank Math übertrifft alle seine Konkurrenten um Längen.”

    Plugin Author Rank Math


    Hello @soean

    Wow. That was fast!

    Thank you so much for your kindness and help. Sincerely appreciate it. 🙏

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