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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs



    There is almost feature parity between Achievements 2 and 3 now (not to mention a lot of new features only in version 3).

    What difficulties are you having with a translation? Writing a translation, or loading one?

    this is what the message said for your plugin:

    If you get warnings either at the overview page or at the editor page, somethings is wrong within the analysed component. The overview page will show warnings, if the textdomain can not be found clearly. In this case the author has written the components code in a way make it hard to detect.

    Warnings at the editors view will show up, if the component is using badly coded textdomains. This could be either by integration of other plugins code or accidentally by typing mistakes.

    Reported issues are not a problem of Codestyling Localization, it’s caused by the author of the affected component within it’s code.

    the error comes right to you!

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Ah. Yes, this has been reported before. I disagree with what the plugin is saying here, and I’m not going to make changes just for it. However, other upcoming changes in WordPress in the next month or two might result in me making a change which in turn should stop the localisation plugin reporting rubbish warnings.

    Thanks for feedback!

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    The upcoming Achievements 3.4 release might fix the problems with CSL.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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