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  • Hi there,

    we’re seeing language translations (DE in this case) never really update. After applying them (both remotely or manually on the site), they just reappear after a few seconds. Is there a known issue regarding these currently?

    Best Regards,

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  • saidaboukhadra



    I understand you are using a third-party plugin.
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide support or control of third-party plugins.
    Please try contacting the author of your plugin, for extra guidance.


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    I’m talking about Elementor, not any third party plugin.

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    Hey @mononox

    Do you still experience with this issue?




    I can confirm the same issue!
    I updated them about 10 times, and it comes back every time in over 80 sites.

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    @logologics which language you are using?



    Hi lavif1,

    Dutch language mostly, but I have an English one too and same issue.

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    The issue also persists for me.

    The locales we use are en_GB and de_DE_formal.

    I’m just realising though that this is for “Elementor Pro”, not “Elementor”. Should I take this up with github / support or can you proceed from here given several people are facing the same issue?




    MOst of my sites have only the free version of Elementor, and same issue, so it is not a PRO thing.

    Hi @lavig1,

    This issue still persists, is there any chance to resolve this, so we get rid of that annoying message please?

    I am getting the same issue with Elementor. The translations need updating. So, I updated them, only to be told they need updating again. And so it goes on and on. The files ARE updated – but WordPress thinks they are not updated. This only happens with Elementor translations.

    Same here. Dutch site – elementor pro translation reappears constantly.

    Yes, pretty annoying 😉



    Yep – same problems – been having it for a while now, with different versions. Currently running Pro 3.3.0 (default language). WordPress just will not accept that the Translation Update has been done – keeps showing as requiring Update.

    @lavig1 – is this likey to be addressed as a bug any time soon.



    I can confirm this very same issue. It is Elementor Pro, with all the latest updates.

    It comes up with:

    New translations are available.

    and when I click on “Update Translations” button below it shows me…

    Update Translations
    Updating translations for <strong>Elementor (en_GB)</strong>…
    Translation updated successfully.
    Updating translations for Force Update Translations (en_GB)…
    Translation updated successfully.
    Go to WordPress Updates page

    Then I go back, and no amount of cache clearing, or switching it off etc does fix this. I have tried everything, including “Force Update Translations” plugin etc.

    Nothing worked. Elementor Pro issue that needs a fix. Very annoying as comes up with constant update notification that can’t ever go away, please fix it.

    I just send a support ticket to them.
    Hope that will make a difference 😉

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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