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    First of all… where can you set up the language you prefer default?
    Or is this only detected with a localization plugin?
    It would be helpfull to add an option to select default language?

    Also i translated the plugin into Dutch (Belgium).
    Where can i send it to, to add it to next update?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi there,

    The language of your plugin depends on the locale of your WP installation.

    Also keep in mind we are planning to make a huge release tomorrow and you may need to give your translations another look :D. We do plan however to release a well translated 8 language pack for the plugin in a few weeks.

    To send us your translations, we are opening up a new forum tomorrow where we can talk further and PM each other in regards to this.

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    Oh crap 😉

    No, sounds great to me.. I will review My translations after the release.

    Keep up the good work!

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    @wp-livechat Can you do me a favor? Keep support on these forums or consider removing your plugin from the WordPress repo. You can contact the plugins team for that last part.

    *Drinks coffee*

    The translations for WordPress plugins is handled here on WordPress.ORG.

    Use that framework and be future proof. Also it’s the cool way to make your plugin translate’able.

    The only topics that should be sent off site are customers (those can’t be supported here) or topics about 3cx’s service and not code. The reason for that is many, many, MANY plugin authors have sent users to their site for support just to do the Bad Stuff™

    So please, don’t send users (not customers) to your site. It’s something that has been horrifically abused in the past.

    If you or anyone need to contact the moderators about this then you can do so via the Slack #forums channel.

    To use that channel you need a Slack account. You can obtain one via these instructions.

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    Sorry about this Jan. Wasn’t aware. Will take care of things here.

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    To the topic:

    Best way of handling the translations for this plugin is by going here:

    Any logged-in user can suggest translations. Before the translation of a string becomes “current”, it needs to be approved by a translation editor. Users who submit good translations are welcome to be appointed (by the relevant language team) as PTE (Project Translation Editor), enabling them to review/approve pending translations (and their own translations will by default become current instead of pending).

    You can find the volunteers that deal with your language via (in your specific case: )

    Any questions around translations are very welcome in the Slack (join the global Slack community of WordPress contributors via ) channel “polyglots”. In addition, a lot of language teams have their own, local Slack space, see for details. (Note that you can join many of the local Slack teams if you first join the Global team, since you’ll then get a special forwarding address that will make you “pre-approved”.)

    Finally, also check for information about term glossaries, etc, in

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    Hello @kvanopde, we just updated to 8.1.1 and now, thanks to the help of people on #polyglots, translations strings are getting updated properly:
    We’re working on our side to provide 100% translations for main languages.

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    Hi @wordpress3cx
    I’ve seen it, i’m one of the translators to dutch now 🙂
    I’ll keep translating and will be wait for further updates.

    But what i’m missing (personal) is an option to choose your language for the chat.
    Is that nog possible to add in future updates?
    When my locale is in dutch, but i want to change the language in english for example, then that is not possible at the moment.
    It would be easy to switch .po file with a dropdown menu? 🙂

    It’s just a suggestion but great work after all with the amazing plugin.

    Plugin Author wordpress3cx


    Hey @kvanopde, thanks for helping with translation!

    Ideally, if your website is multilanguage, you should be already setting the correct locale in the page offering the chat box.

    So for example if I’m dutch, I go to the dutch version of your website, and I see the chat box in dutch.

    Locale is completely handled by WordPress.

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