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  • Dear all

    I am working on a new blog and could translate everything that WP and the PlugIns offer from English into German.

    However, at one point it just doesn´t work. I tried everything from the WP options, theme options till the code.

    See here. Everything is in German, but only the “Continue Reading” Link below the post doesn´t change into German; regardless what I do.

    Has anybody of you an idea how I can solve this? Any help is highly appreciated.


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  • Moderator keesiemeijer



    Have you tried doing a search for “Continue Reading” on all the template files?

    Try translating it with a plugin:

    What comes to mind is that the theme author forgot to encode that string so that it would be added to the .po file.
    In other words, you have two solutions:
    1) you find it and encode it in __ or _e tags yourself, and then create a new .po file and translate it again.
    2) you modify those words directly in the original file.

    To find which file you need to modify, you can refer to this page:

    I am working on my blog with Codestyling Localization from the beginning on.

    Yes, I have done a search on all template files. Furthermore, I know where the “Continue readings”s position is. However, even if I translate it into German manually or enter just some other words, nothing happens.

    @dhikra: as I wrote, modify in the original file doesn´t work.

    Did you try to delete your browser cache after you modified the original file, and check again?

    Yes, tried. Doesn´t help, too.

    Moderator keesiemeijer



    I think you use the “Original Premium News by WooThemes”. in /layouts/blog.php and /layouts/default.php look for this:
    _e('Continue Reading',woothemes); and change it to: _e('Continue Reading','woothemes');

    Ok, so let’s start from the beginning again:

    1) Did you find that string with Codestyling Localization, or was it missing?

    2) In which file did you find the original string?

    3) Did you check all template files and the string was contained in one file only?

    @keesiemeijer: Yes, I am using the theme you mentioned. Tried what you wrote but it doesn´t help.

    1) The string “Continue reading” is translated within the localization.

    2) Blog.php

    3) The string “Continue reading” is found within more than one template.

    After you tried what keesiemeijer said, did you go back to your Codestyling Localization and check if you had a new ‘Continue reading’ untranslated string?

    Moderator keesiemeijer



    So “woothemes” was not in single quotes?
    Without single quote “woothemes” (“Continue Reading”) is in:
    archive.php, featured.php, blog.php, single.php, tag.php

    It’s hardcoded in:
    page.php, template-fullwidth.php

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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