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  • Hi!

    First off, big thanks for such an ambitious plugin! That said, it of course isn’t perfect yet… and me neither, so I’ll do my very best to wrap my head around it. 🙂

    I’ve started to translate into Swedish, using Loco, and so far most things appear as they should (about 30% done). 🙂 Although, I have some problems when translating the user profiles (everything under a user’s My preferences), since they still turn up in English as I log in as a user, while big part of the UI is in Swedish (after the Loco translation). I have added both “se” and “sv” language codes (to be sure one of them is correct) in the Recontre -> Profile admin page, and have added some entries… but still nothing has changed as I relogin as a user. I.e. That part is still in English.

    (I was a little puzzled that “da” obviously was used for Denmark, instead of “dk”, (?) so that’s why I tried both “se” and “sv”.)

    Would appreciate a little help here. 🙂

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  • Hi. I’m not related to this particular plugin, but I deal a lot with translations. So my comments will be of general nature, but may not necessarily give the full picture with regards to this plugin.

    The locale code for Swedish is sv_SE (and for Danish da_DK)
    If you need a shorter code, then sv is best. (se denotes Sami, i.e. not too far away, but definitely a different language.

    Why don’t you translate the plugin to Swedish at ?
    – More people will be able to use your translation
    – It will probably work better (less hackish approach)
    – You’ll be supported by fellow Swedish translators and reach better total quality

    – At least 95% of the strings in the code need to be translated (and reviewed) before a translation package is generated and automatically distributed.

    More info on getting started with WordPress translations to Swedish:

    Plugin Author Jacques Malgrange



    Default profiles that are available with the plugin comes from a specific file : rencontre/inc/rencontre_profil_defaut.txt
    This is an optional example not necessarily adapted to your needs. You can change this in the Dashboard, in the Rencontre/profile menu. So, the translation does not use po/mo files. That’s why your translation is not effective.

    If you have translate the plugin in Swedish, you can email me the files so that I integrate them directly into the plugin. This is the best solution. The method indicated by Tor-Bjorn Fjellner is good but you have to be patient (french translation is still waiting…). Otherwise, you can also keep it for yourself : you just have to put the po/mo files in wp-content/languages/plugins/.

    Personally, I use poedit software for translations.
    File name : rencontre-sv_SE.po and .mo


    In the Swedish team we currently have virtually no backlog of waiting translations. You can normally expect submitted Swedish translations to be checked within 3-4 days. And if they’re good, then we’re happy to have the user being appointed as PTE (project translation editor), thus skipping the “waiting” state.

    Thread Starter Mikkolainen


    Thanks a lot for some quick responses! 😀

    As it turned out, “sv” seems to be the correct language code to add in the Rencontre Profile panel (see, where the added “sv” is default while also “se” has the same added values — both marked by yellow, and seem to work as expected now). So thanks for the clarification!

    Regarding general translation of plugins, I’m not always sure in what context the strings turn up in the user interface, and therefore I’ve found that sometimes “straight” translations may not always be the most appropriate thing to do. Primarily that’s why I prefer local translations, at least until I have wrapped my head around what the plugin looks like and what may fit a general Swedish user. A practical example from this plugin is e.g. the “Smile” button, which I prefer translating to “Gilla” (eng. “Like”) since I assume that is more appropriate for a Swedish Facebookified audience. I guess that kind of issues may provoke some discussions when translating together with others? Otherwise I regard it a splendid idea and solution, and would most certainly enjoy to contribute.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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