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    add-on-woocommerce-mailpoet.pot is 0 byte.

    Therefore, to use, you need to edit line 21 of class-mpwa-helper-function.php as follows.

    return __ ($ text, ‘mailpoet-woocommerce-add-on’);
    return __ ($ text, ‘add-on-woocommerce-mailpoet’);

    and rename to

    But, in add-on-woocommerce-mailpoet.php

    “*Text Domain: mailpoet-woocommerce-add-on ”


    • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  mamekichi.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  mamekichi.
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  • I made a mistake.

    You don’t have to rename .mo file & modify class-mpwa-helper-function.php is valid as it is.

    Hi @mamekichi, is this issue already fixed?

    Plugin Author ehsantikweb


    Hi, @mamekichi,
    Text domain issue has been fixed also.

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to translate the plugin using Loco Translate. The PO file is empty:

    Initializing new translations in “add-on-woocommerce-mailpoet”

    0 strings found in add-on-woocommerce-mailpoet.pot

    How do I translate this plugin? (mainly the: “Subscribe to Newsletter/s” part)

    Plugin Author Kasper Tikjøb


    Hi Dimono

    We use the WordPress translation site, so you need to:

    1. Browse to
    2. Click on the correct language
    3. Then translate everything there, both trunk and the readme.

    When all the strings and the readme is translated (i think it needs to be >90%) and approved then a language pack will automatically be generated.
    Since there is probably no translation editor for your language, we need a translation editor to approve all your translations. If you wish to become translation editor for your language, please let me know and we can request the WordPress translation team to approve you on

    I hope this helps 🙂

    Hi ALL,

    The problem of TEXT DOMAIN has been solved. Sorry for the delay in writing.
    Thank you very much for everyone concerned.

    Well, this plugin has .pot file attached, but it shows 0 byte.
    Also, .mo and .po files are not attached.

    I copied the .po and .mo files from the page below.

    These files are from the original version of this plugin.

    Add the name of the downloaded files to add-on-woocommerce-mailpoet.po and If you change file names, you can use them as they are.

    Thank you.

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    I have added the Dutch translation (informal)
    There are 2 problems with Dutch:

    2 strings are not translated due to below ..

    Soms translations are not nice toe make: Example:
    Newsletter(s) Wil be in dutch: Nieuwsbrief/Nieuwsbrieven (to long or does not cause good running sentences)
    And second, In dutch we have formal and informal language use
    U (formal) and Je/jij are both in English: YOU

    Yet it is a big difference:
    Business is formal
    Not businesslike, or less distant informal

    I get the “Empty PO data” error as well. Why can’t this be added to the plugin so that anyone can loco-translate this plugin to suit their own needs?

    Plugin Author Kasper Tikjøb


    The “Empty PO data” from Loco Translate is because it cannot find a local .pot file, which we do not need when using the Polyglots online translation system. But everyone should off course be able to use local .po files if they prefer this, so a local .pot file will be added in our next release later today.

    Also, we have now written a very thorough description on how to use the online translation system – or use local .po files.

    The file is named how-to-translate.txt and from the next version of our plugin (released later today) it will always be in languages/how-to-translate.txt

    You can also read the file here:

    The same text is also added to the plugins main page here at – go to and scroll a bit down to “How to translate?”

    I hope this clears up everything for everyone 🙂

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