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    Installed version 1.7.3 from scratch on a test site, no other plugin running and, twenty twelve theme no modification

    plugins works in english though the site is installed originally in fr_FR

    started to translate it to french (not fully done), took the default .po and .mo in i18n folder, copied, renamed and moved them in /wp-content/languages/plugins/

    files and .po :

    The changes I made do not appear, no server side caching and browser caching of (Safari and FF)

    Now the question is, what am I doing wrong ?? I’m not an expert but mostly i manage to get things going.

    Appreciate your time and help Mika.

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  • Something’s wrong with your translation file. I just make this one and it works (also apologies for my terrible French. I passed my class, but … that isn’t saying much 😉


    I see you added line 14 in code to specify language code, copied over your file in .po
    but nope, still not piking up the code. Tried once more to copy the files in directory above where other .po files reside … nope
    checked for any caching (never know 😉 )

    PS : don’t worry about the french, and it ain’t bad at all. People will understand and that’s most important … if only it would be nice to show (shy translation I guess)

    Y’know… your language file, the one you gave me, didn’t work. The one I linked to does on my site.

    I really don’t know what else to say except for that 🙁

    How are you editing the po file? I used PoEdit, which is how you’re supposed to do this stuff last I heard…

    don’t worry, we’ll figure it out in the end
    I use textmate (os x) and it would be surprising that is causing a problem (though you never know)

    could you tell me what should there be in the .mo file ? I looked at others and those seems to be like binaries in the beginning, not to sure what I should set in yours and the default one isn’t mentioning any language part so I added the line from the po file, nope .
    checked file permissions and they are 644

    guess we’ll have to drill down till we find.

    Of course I left the mo on my other laptop…

    Grab PoEdit:

    Try editing with THAT and see if it works.

    ok tried that but honestly, this thing is just hopeless, half translation is working when all phrases are translated in poedit, gives errors but no explanation on what they mean, seems to be escape characters, but can I help it that this soft replaces ” with double quotes ‘Word’ style ..??
    this <a href=\ "%s\ "> becomes <a href=\ « %s\ « > and no way to make it work, tried to edit these out via a simple texteditor but that doesn’t seem to be good enough.

    here are the po and mo file I made that work half on site … bits are french, others aren’t showing up and are taken in english instead of french …

    maybe someone on a PC might get them to work correctly ?? thanks for those giving a helping hand

    (love the good old way of simple editing compared to this …. so called modern way of doing)

    #: ../lib/signuppage.php:258
    #, php-format
    msgid "You must first <a href=\ "%s\ ">log in</a>, and then you can join this site."
    msgstr "Vous devez d'abord <a href=\ "%s\ ">vous connecter</a>, puis vous pourrez rejoindre ce site."

    So … that’s funny. There are spaces in there.

    You must first <a href=\"%s\">log in</a>, and then you can join this site.

    And I don’t see ANY spaces on my included po file.

    Here, try making it off the POT file:

    But stop editing the files manually! 🙂 Use POEdit. Honestly, it works, and I’m pretty sure your problems aren’t in my plugin but in using the translator, which sucks :/ But I’m not a poedit expert.

    well this time starting from your pot file it worked correctly via poedit, not sure why it messed starting from the default file

    in any case here is a translated set in fr

    hope it helps others.

    Thanks a lot Mika, really appreciate your time and help, wish you a very pleasant evening, tomorrow a wonderful happy new year with lots of good things and above all a great health and happiness

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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