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  • I have been trying to contact the admin who is responsible for updating the Arabic wordpress sites such as:

    Both sites are either not active or do not exist any more!!

    I have also visited the blog which is maintained by the user sewar. I found out that the blog has not been active since 2006.

    I want to contribute to the translation of wordpress to the Arabic language but I don’t know how I can join or add myself to the translation team since the admin is not active any more!!


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  • This is not what I meant. I want to be the admin of the as it appears the original admin is no longer active!!

    The same goes for . These two sites need to be updated and kept active.

    Who should I contact to gain access as an administrator, apart from the original admin?

    Again, per WordPress in your language (you can sense a theme here, right? 😉 )

    If your language is not available in the Repository or on this page, or if the available translation needs to be improved, you can help! See Translating WordPress and I18n for WordPress Developers for more information.


    I want to be the administrator of because the site looks DEAD.

    Can you help with this or not?

    Who can I contact to grant me access as administrator to ?

    I cannot help you with it. I don’t have any access.

    The reason I sent you to those links is because the information there actually does tell you what to do.

    I’m not going to do your own work for you, because I think that the reading will explain what you’re in for when you take over the work. And that way, if you say you had no idea how hard it was, we can all point out ‘You were shown!’

    Read WordPress in your Language. Then read Translating WordPress. All of it. If, at the end, you still can’t find the parts where it tells you where to go to sign up and help, and how to write the translation files, then you’re not ready for it, just yet.

    For your information I have gone through those articles you have mentioned and I have already translated few themes and plugins including wordpress in my language.

    What I wanted was to be able to access htpp:// “TO MAINTAIN IT”. Currently it seems no one is maintaining it. The original administrator seems to be missing!!

    If you don’t seem to understand my request apparently, please ignore this and I will try to contact someone who has ownership of

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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