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  • Howdy,

    I’m testing Transposh to translate a WooCommerce site, and I see in transposh.php that it has some support for it. I’ve found a few problems though:

    1. The Transposh *editor* does not seem to work with AJAX requests, so I can’t translate those directly; but I managed to translate most dynamic test by creating a standard page with said text and translating it there. This did not work for the Checkout Address fields though (Street address, Town / City, State, ZIP).

    even though the strings are translated in my translation page:

    2: As seen in the first image, the placeholder text in the address fields gets garbled (mixed with a bit of Spanish???), even though the translation is correct:

    2.5: Transposh seems to swap the placeholder text of input fields to its value, forcing the user to manually select and delete the text. And when he does this, the placeholder appears in the original language (this happens everywhere, not just with WooCommerce). For example, this field:

    <input type=”email” value name=”EMAIL” placeholder=”Your Email” aria-required=”true”>

    gets translated to:

    <input type=”email” value=”Seu Email” name=”EMAIL” placeholder=”Your Email” aria-required=”true”>

    3: I don’t see any way to translate WooCommerce’s emails with the Posh.

    4: Some interactions kick the user back to the default language (for example, WooCommerce errors like “You cannot add another “test product” to your cart.”, when you limit a product to a single item and the user tries to add it twice to its cart).

    For #1, I will try adding WooCommerce’s .po translation for now (though that will prevent me from editing Woo strings with the Posh, which I would very much prefer).

    #2 and 2.5 are probably bugs, I think.

    #3 and 4 are the though ones. Or are they? I will take a dive into the code, but any pointers would be welcome.

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  • Plugin Author Ofer Wald



    1. Have you tried disabling fragments?\
    2.5 very fishy, should not happen. Will be happy to test on your site, contact us via the form on our site
    3. You have touched a painful point, as when the email is generated, Transposh does not have a way of knowing which language to use. ideas?
    4. Ajax providing links?

    Good luck,

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