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  • Im trying to translate Academist theme from Qode but there are some words that are hard codded into the php (I guess) that are no where to find using Loco translation.

    I have found the file where this is coded.
    Its in wp-content/plugins/academist-lms/post-types/course/admin/meta-boxes/lesson-meta-boxes.php

    		'name'          => 'eltdf_course_duration_parameter_meta',
    		'type'          => 'select',
    		'label'         => esc_html__( 'Course Duration Parameter', 'academist-lms' ),
    		'description'   => esc_html__( 'Choose parameter for course duration', 'academist-lms' ),
    		'default_value' => 'minutes',
    		'parent'        => $meta_box,
    		'options'       => array(
    			''        => esc_html__( 'Default', 'academist-lms' ),
    			'minutes' => esc_html__( 'Minutes', 'academist-lms' ),
    			'hours'   => esc_html__( 'Hours', 'academist-lms' ),
    			'days'    => esc_html__( 'Days', 'academist-lms' ),
    			'weeks'   => esc_html__( 'Weeks', 'academist-lms' ),

    The words I need translating are minutes, hours, days, weeks.
    Is there a way to put a string in their place that I can translate the sting in from the Admin panel?

    Tnx for the plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Tim W


    This plugin cannot translate hard-coded strings, but your example shows correctly internationalized code using the academist-lms text domain.

    If you’re trying to translate the option keys, I’d suggest you don’t. This will probably break the code.

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    Hi Tim,
    Im trying to translate this but there is nowhere to be found.

    Plugin Author Tim W


    They are the keys I mentioned. As I said, I don’t recommend you translate them.

    If you have questions about how to translate untranslatable parts of the academist-lms plugin, please contact them.

    Thread Starter skullmonkey


    Yes I already did and they send me the path to the url. This probably is going to be a drag to do… Thanks!

    Stay safe,

    How to release a code from one language and leave it in another languages?
    i used the Polylang plug-in and Loco translate Plug-in !!
    i have a blog in my site and i translated all posts inside but it still had some words not translated like the short description for each article!
    and so the ReadMore button!?
    i added Read More in theme loco translate but it not changing in blog page
    i think it’s possible to release this one above from arabic language and lrave it in english if it’s applicable!
    So any help would be appreciated !!
    thanks in advanced

    Ayyad Hadeel

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