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    I have a small problem though that is driving me nuts: I’m unable to translate the field labels in any forms, only some of the fields gets their translation from the core WP files.

    Here’s an example: http://www.multisense.it/de/wp-login.php?action=register

    I’ve translated before other plugins or themes and I’m pretty confident I didn’t make any mistake with Poedit.

    Of course I tried every suggestions I could find on this site (like this article that is frequently posted as an answer to similar problems: http://www.s2member.com/forums/topic/how-to-for-s2member-language-translation/).

    I even tried using codestyle localization but I receive this error message: Error: The actual loaded translation content does not match the textdomain: s2member
    Expect, that any text you translate will not occure as long as the textdomain is mismatching!
    This is a coding issue at the source files you try to translate, please contact the original Author and explain this mismatch.

    And this warning: Warning: The actual loaded translation content contains mixed textdomains and is not pure translateable within one textdomain.
    It seems, that there is code contained extracted out of other plugins, themes or widgets and used by copy & paste inside some source files. The affected unknown textdomains are: (–> yes, no textdomain is shown… < –)

    I’m on an English multisite WP 3.5.1 install with German and Italian languages set up.
    I’ve tried to switch every plugin off and tested it with Twenty Ten to no avail.
    Cleared browser cookies: ditto.

    Any hint please?!


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    See: s2Member® » Support Policy

    Support for Products by s2Member® is available only through our Customer Support Forum. Our customer support representatives are available Monday through Friday; excluding all major holidays. Our Customer Support Forum can be accessed through your account at s2Member.com. We also have a forum for Pre-Sale Questions.

    We ask that you submit all pre-sale and/or technical support questions through the appropriate forum at s2Member.com. An s2Member® support representative will gladly address your question/concern within 24-48 hours.


    As per the above it works easily, and the great thing is you can translate to English to English, or English to German (in this case save s2member-de_DE.mo)

    For English to English –
    Just name you .mo file s2member-en_US.mo and you are set.

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