• I follow the documentation to change the calendar language to the letter, but I still see it in English. I have uploaded the es.js file and the languages.php to the folder wp-content/languages as indicated but it does not translate. Is there something new that should be known?

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    Hi @restamur
    If you complete the setup according to the documentation properly, you should get the language name in the WPCafe > Settings > General Settings > Calendar Language menu dropdown. If you missed that setting, kindly select the language and save the settings to apply the translation.

    Please, let me know If I can be of further assistance.

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    Thank you very much for answering.
    Correct, the language does appear in the drop-down menu, in my case Spanish, but even if I select it, I still see the calendar in English, and I don’t even see the date format update. For example, it tells me: The current time zone selected is Europe/Madrid. Universal time is 11-18-2022 09:30:18. But then in your plugin I still see the date in English format.
    I copy the file (languages.php) in folder: “../wp-content/plugins/wp-cafe/core/settings/part”
    And paste it inside folder: “../wp-content/languages/languages.php

    $lang_arr = [
        'ru'=>esc_html__('Russian','wpcafe') , 
        'ar'=> esc_html__('Arabic','wpcafe') ,
        'es'=> esc_html__('Spanish','wpcafe'), 
        'de' => esc_html__('German','wpcafe'),
        'ja' => esc_html__('Japanese','wpcafe') 
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    Ok I already managed to translate, it was a problem with the flatpickr version. However I ask one more question if it’s not a bother, is the hook.php file translatable? or should it be done by directly editing the file? Thanks for everything

    Plugin Author Ehsan Riyadh


    Hi @restamur
    Thank you so much for being able to solve this yourself. Sorry, the hook.php file is not translatable. Please do not translate it directly. Tell us the part you need to be translated and we will help you translate it.
    If you want to translate a specific part of the plugin, you can show it to us. Because translating hook.php files can damage your site with plugins. For which the site may break.
    If you are facing any obstacles to translating then check our main landing page of our plugin. From there you can reach us directly so that we can investigate more on your side.
    Hope you understand.


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    Thanks Ehsan again for answering. In the end I have chosen to escape the variables in html, since most of the terms actually coincide with others in the .pot. My intention is to translate it completely into Spanish, since we are a language that is very forgotten by developers, to be the second most spoken language in the world…

    Plugin Support A Zaman Sagor


    Hi @restamur,
    Sorry for the inconvenience regarding the Spanish translation. We have the functionality to translate all the hardcoded texts and the calendar. If you show us the translations that you have difficulties to setup, we would help you translate. We are also ready to add the necessary support for translation if need to modify anything inside our plugin.

    Best Regards

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