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  • I’m having the same issue, it doesn’t seem to load the correct po/mo files, corresponding to the locale.

    I have the same problem and dont get a answer since a few weeks.

    did you solve the problem?

    nope dev DM me to tell me he’ll come back to me but no news since that contact

    i’ll recontact him

    I got it to work, as it turns out only half of the strings used by the plugin are truly translatable because of the poor l10n support.

    Did you used the poedit program and saved the mo file in the translation folder?

    Yup, and then I modded the plugin a bit so I could have the other strings translated as well. Planning on sending the dev a patch for this.

    hey there,

    do you have any news from dev for a patch ?
    or do you have a methode to do translation ?

    Damn!!! Cant get this to work…

    I changed the pot file and nothing, It does not translate.

    How did you guys get it to work?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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