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  • rsimms


    I would like to refresh my site and transition to another theme. I am currently using Revolution Code Blue.

    My site is

    Question 1: How can I work on a new theme whilst my current theme is still up and running?

    Question 2: How can I find the new theme that does what I want?

    I would like to have a page that has a banner at top, then a photo gallery that slides from one image to another underneath the top banner. Underneath the gallery I would like to place a number of images as links, then under this I would like to have the footer.

    I do not want the right sidebar to display on this page.

    Question 3: Is there a way to continue using Revolution Code Blue and delete the right side bar on particular pages?

    Thank you for your knowledge,


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  • kinggomez


    There are 2 good ways to keep your current theme and remove the right sidebar on certain pages.

    Create a new page template – simply copy page.php, remove the include for the sidebar, add the template name to top and save with new name and upload. On the WordPress page content editor you can then select to use that template for that specific page. You can also stretch your main content to full width then with some new css.

    Use WordPress conditional tags in your page.php file to remove the sidebar on specific pages – you can use page ids or names.

    If you want to work on the theme in a sandbox environment you can copy your site into a new directory such as and work there, or do it offline with software like xampp to run a local web server.



    Thank you sir, I appreciate that.

    Can you give me a blow by blow description of how to set up and run my sandbox environment? That would be great.

    Thank you,




    Thank you, I have just followed your directions, altered my php and css and it is truly beautiful. KingGomez, you are a genius.



    That’s great, I am glad it worked.

    The simplest way to make an exact copy of your current installation of WordPress (for a online sandbox) is this way:

    1) Using phpmyadmin (assuming you have that) make a backup of the entire database using the export tool.

    2) Using FTP download your entire WordPress installation to a local folder

    3) Create a new database, call it anything you like and import the backup you just made so you have a replica of the original database.

    4) In the files you have downloaded edit the wp-config.php file in the root directory with your new database details.

    5) Create a new directory anywhere on your server and upload the files you just downloaded exactly as it is.

    6) In the “options” tables of the database you will need to update two fields (via phpmyadmin) before you try and go the the URL – site_url and home to where the new installation is.

    7) You should have a working sandbox environment now.

    To do it offline (which I personally find it faster) you can install a local web server environment. I prefer xampp, just follow the the instructions for installation and then do the above.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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