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    Apologies if this is a ridiculous newbie question and if I’m repeating a question/being completely stupid, but I’m hoping you guys can help.

    I have a blog, which links to a domain that I bought through Yesterday I set up an account with Bluehost so that I can self host, use but still have my domain. So, I transferred my domain over to Bluehost, and then installed on it. The location of this is supposed to be at – but when I go to this, it says page not found, and seems to still be part of

    I don’t know whether I’ve managed to muck it up or miss something out or what. I thought maybe I needed to rename my nameservers, but I can no longer manage my domain from – which I presume is to be expected as I’ve moved the hosting across. What do I need to sort it out and actually be able to use the installation?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You have to export your posts/pages and import them at your self-hosted WP install:


    Thanks for that – I’ve already exported my files, but presumably I can only import them to my new blog if I can actually get into the wordpress install? The whole problem is that when I go to the page where I’ve installed, it takes me to, so I can’t import the files as I can’t get in!


    Ignore me – I’ve just realised that I’ve been completely idiotic and it’s actually all fine now. Note to self – don’t try doing things late at night!


    I think I’m having some of the same issues that you were having. I have a blog with a domain that I purchased. I bought Bluehost so I can manage my blog through and am having the HARDEST time figuring this out.

    The tutorials say to log into your old account and export your blog, then log into your new account and import, but my account hasn’t changed since I’m keeping the same domain. Does that make sense? Would love any suggestions.

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    peacelovepr, the first thing to do would be to set your blog’s primary domain back to [user] at Upgrades/Domains in your dashboard.

    Then, switch your domain’s nameservers to Bluehost following this guide:

    When you’re done, export/import your blog following this guide:

    okay so now it appears that i am having the exact same problem. I have a account that i bought a domain for. Ive just opened an account with Bluehost, i couldnt transfer my domain because it is less than 60 days old….but i could still add it to my c-panel. I installed wordpress on it and it tells me to log in at
    however it always redirects me too the service. I have set this service to private and changed settings to as the primary address.

    i have also cleared caches and cookies and nothing seems to happen.

    Am i missing something?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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