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  • I have been having problems with my hosting company as i get server error when on wp-admin but site runs well, since we havent been able to fix the problem i decided to move my site to another host where i have a plan that can accommodate multiple site because i already have a site on that host.

    This are the steps i took.

    1. copied all my files from the file manager of the site
    2. exported my database
    3. created an addon domain on the new host
    4. created a database
    5. imported my database into the newly created database
    6. copied my files to the root of the addon domain
    7. editted my wp-config with the new database and username and password of the new host.

    this is how far i have gone, now i dont know if thats all i have to do before changing the name server on my domain.

    But i went ahead and changed the nameserver from my domain which is hosted by the company who couldnt fix my problem, but its pass 24hrs after i updated the name server and the site is still loading from the old host.

    I tried to complain to the old host but they will not answer me since i am transferring from them.

    so i was trying to know why, i have a domain which i havent setup yet, so i went to update the domains nameserver to my host and updated the addon domain to the domain’s name, voila it loaded my site but not the site on the new host funny the domain redirects to my old domain.

    i went ahead to add


    to the wp-config but still redirects to the old domain.

    I am thinking maybe i could have installed wordpress on the addon domain before copying my files in?

    or what im i doing wrong? this is my first time of doing this, the person who offers to help is charging too high and i feel i can do it with a support community like this.


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  • Any chance you can give us the domain name / new site address? It would be easier for us to see what the problem could be.

    @senff I feel stupid now because it is not redirecting any more on the new domain i am testing it on (not my domain that refuses to point to the new host) but not displaying well.

    my main site which i am trying to change its host:

    my new domain which i am using to test the site on the new host is

    NOTE: the old host is a windows server while the new host is Linux if that has any thing to do with all this.

    Just a reminder of the new problem

    1. my old domain after updating its nameserver refused to still load on the new server.

    2. the new site which i copied the files and database from the old site and using a test domain is loading fine and i have


    on the wp-config file

    just to add, all links on the test domain shows error 404, so i cant even login to admin

    If I just look at the new site at I already see a few issues.

    The stylesheet being used on there is located on domain , which is obviously incorrect. I’m not sure how this happens but perhaps that is a configuration issue with your minification.

    If you’re using a minification plugin, check it’s settings or just disable it for the time being. In fact, try disabling other plugins as well, perhaps they are the problem.

    As for Wasconet — it looks like its nameserver is pointing to Utiware, I’m not sure if this correct at all?

    yes, utiwares is the histing company who has been giving me problems, i have a GrowBig hosting plan with siteground which i have entered

    in my domain’s name server but still pointing to utiwares it almost 48 hours now and no change.

    Thanks really appreciate, i will disable the plugins now to see what will happen, at least i now know why the sites design is messed up….the stylesheet link should be on

    It can take up to 72 hours sometimes. If it’s still pointing to Utiwares after that, you’re going to have to get in touch with them.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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