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    Hi All,

    I currently built a mock website at idocresource and I will be wanting to switch it over to a domain DrGaryJacobs. Is there any way of doing this without doing a 301 redirect?

    Is it possible to do a Database backup possibly and upload it to the new website?

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  • Does this help?



    This does thank you peredur. Maybe it’s because I didn’t read slowly enough for me, but if I am going to be keeping it on the same server and hosting, but just need it to be hosted on drgary instead of idocresource, would this be moving within the site?

    Sorry for my noobness on this topic.

    No-one has to apologise for “noobness”. If anyone suggests you do, send them to me.

    And the answer is ‘Yes’.



    Thanks Peredur

    I have a similar issue. My wife’s blog is but we want to drop the wordpress from the url. Is there a way to do so without losing the progress made on creating her site?


    I don’t think that transferring from to a self-hosted site is as simple as that. There is a facility you can pay for, for a redirect but I’m not sure what it does.

    I think you’d be best talking to the support people for this. Unless anyone here knows better, of course.



    Being so incredibly new to this, i’m feeling I may have left out needed details. We are going through godaddy for her site. I had been (trying to) work on the regular w/o the wordpress in her address bar, but was falling short in details like background color, links, etc. She started working on things herself last night at and is hoping that, since we have wordpress through godaddy, we can still “move” it over. Maybe I just rambled on what you’ve already answered……I hope not.

    I don’t understand why the fact you’re using godaddy would make any difference.

    When you set up and work on a site you are using’s (restricted) access to their WordPress set up to run a site on their server. You can buy a domain (from any registrar) and have point that domain at your site, I think, but that doesn’t change the setup.

    When you set up wordpress installation at godaddy (who are just a Web hosting company as far as I know), you are setting up a standalone wordpress installation on the web server space you’ve bought from godaddy. It has no relation with that I am aware of.

    Maybe I just don’t understand how godaddy works. I’m in Wales so they don’t really come on my radar.

    So, from where I’m sitting I would have thought you wanted to talk to about what you can do to move a site to your own web hosting space at godaddy.

    If they can’t help you, you will have it all to set up again from scratch, I’m afraid.

    But, as I say, I may be making some mistaken assumptions here.



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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