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Transferring Users from WordPress.com

  • I just transferred my content via export/import from a wordpress.com blog to my wordpress.org self-hosted site. I have multiple users and they were transferred as well but they aren’t able to log in.

    My database shows they have passwords (encrypted of course) but for some reason they are told that username and passwords are not valid and requesting a lost password provides an error also.

    Is there something simple I can do to get them their passwords and up and running again?


    Lori G.

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  • Oops. Site is:





    and requesting a lost password provides an error also.

    and ….whats the error??????

    darnnit. I knew I needed that.

    I’ve emailed the group to see what that is!

    Here’s what one said:

    “I clicked “log in” and it says I am not a registered user. It doesn’t know my email address, my user id or my password. (And I know my password).”

    This person IS showing up as a contributor in my users list.

    I’m waiting to hear what the other error is when they request a new password.

    I went into my database and under wp_user I browsed the user names and user emails. All of the user email fields were empty.

    I filled in each field with the correct email addresses for each user and they were then able to click on the “lost password?” link after they got the ‘invalid username’, enter their email and get a new password so they could log in.

    So, I’m good.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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