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Transferring to a different domain

  • I’ve searched and cannot find a consistent answer so I’m turning to the forums for some help.

    I’m working on transferring over http://daa.cirkut.net/ to http://www.daagolf.com

    In the database, I’ve changed all the links (both the URI and wp_post stuff) to point to daagolf.com.

    However, when all this is done, I CAN get to wp-admin, but when trying to log in, it keeps me at the login page. But if I go to the root (daagolf.com) it throws me into a redirect loop. if I leave both the uri’s at daa.cirkut.net, the site works as it needs to, and daagolf.com WILL take them to the page, but none of the links will point to daagolf.com

    A little more information:
    I’m using dreamhost.
    Both sites are using the same database.
    I have two folders with the wordpress core files (one for daa.cirkut.net and one for daagolf.com).

    I’m at wits end and I really need to get this site to work for a client.

    Any help at all will be appreciated. Thank you!

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