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    Thanks for producing such a great plugin

    Can you explain how existing support agreements for the HTML version should be transferred to the new host?

    I purchased Subscribe2 HTML in late November with support, but cannot now work out how to get the updgrade. WPPlugins seem to have cancelled by support agreement and all I can download there now is 8.5.

    The paypal receipt has email contacts at and Will either of those reach you?

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  • @andyl99, haven’t really explained how the support thing is going to work in the coming year.

    Did you pay monthly, or less frequently? You can perhaps access the new system here:

    But if you’ve paid until next November I’ll need to think of another way!

    I ordered service with an annual subscription along with the product, though I would need to check what I actually paid for so far.
    As a suggetion, one way to fix this for people with long term subscriptions could be to use coupons on the new site – though the numbers and durations might get complex.
    I’ve got 8.5 working with WP 3.5 (after making the edit to remove html from the email title) so I’m happy to wait until you hear more from WPPlugins.


    I had considered the voucher approach but also though that some of you may have paid for a years worth of support via recently and then I’m asking you to pay (with a discount albeit) for a second time. I didn’t think that seemed very fair.

    Just to see I tried adding a new release on, it seemed to work so check if you can access it. (It’s 8.6.1 but will show as 8.6 on the plugins page as there are a few additional fixes in there).

    Yes the file is now updated on WPPlugins – many thanks!

    Re the vouchers, your concern is why I said the durations might get complex, as some people might want up to 100% discount. It’s a suggestion anyway. This situation must be really frustrating


    I understand what you meant now – you’re right it is complicated but if is currently allowing access to updates maybe that’s a good way to manage the transition for the time being.

    It would have been nice to have a little notice of the change but it was totally out of the blue!

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