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  1. astima
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I currently have a website which does not use WordPress:http://www.hunterdonbrewing.com/
    I did not want to take down my site while I was creating a new one with WordPress, so I built it on another site:http://www.stimadesigns.com/hunterdondistributors/

    I am done creating my new site and want to transfer it to my old site. I know a little about transferring from what I've read. I did help someone do this one other time and the issue we had was with our images. The source of our images pointed back to the site where we created it.

    So for example my images would have the address pointing to http://www.stimadesigns.com/hunterdondistributors/ where I created the site instead of http://www.hunterdonbrewing.com where the site is now hosted. Please note this is just an example I have not yet transferred my site.

  2. shirazdrum
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Just publish all your contents on the new site and when it's 100% ready, use a plugin like Search and Replace to change all your paths. It should be super easy and straight forward.

    On another note, touch up your logo, the quality is not so good, specially where it says "quality since ..." which is ironic. :)



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