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  • Hello all. I’m having a very difficult time trying to get my blog up and running in my hosting account, and I’m hoping some wonderful, awesome person can help me out!

    I have had a free blog over at for about a year now, and am attempting to move over to to have access to plugins and a wider range of abilities not offered with a free blog.

    So far I have purchased and mapped a domain, purchased hosting and downloaded the WordPress application to my hosting account. At the moment I am using Godaddy, and will continue to use it until my hosting plan runs out (a year or so…). I’m undecided as to where or even IF I’ll switch, but this point is irrelevant at the moment.

    I think I have also changed my name servers to point to WordPress.

    Here is where I’m stuck – How the heck do I get my blog to be up and running in my hosting so I can access plugins? Right now my dashboard is the same as the dashboard. Am I supposed to upload something into a folder in my hosting account for WordPress? Do I need to change something in my DNS? I’m not very technical, but hopefully someone can help me through this.

    I will be forever grateful to any help. This is too frustrating!

    My link is:

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  • Hi there, it looks like there are a few things happening.

    Issue A
    “” is pointing to your WordPress.COM account still, right? You’re going to want to have that pointed to GoDaddy’s servers. You’ll probably find more info about that at the support forums (I’d love to help but I haven’t had enough experience)

    To repeat, you do not want to point your godaddy information TO wordpress, it should be the other way around

    Issue B
    To install the WordPress software on your godaddy hosting account, you need FTP access, a FTP client, the zip file from, and to create a MySQL database.

    Once you have the WordPress software, copy it to your GoDaddy space via FTP and follow the regular installation instructions.

    Hope that helps! If you’re still stuck, repost where you’re stuck or what questions you have. Sometimes it helps to just ask one question at a time.

    Thank you Tom, for the reply! My site IS pointing to my blog. That is correct.

    I’m not sure how to point my site towards Godaddy’s servers. I’m so confused on where to look for an answer.

    Thank you, though, for your help.

    You could ask GoDaddy to reset your account to default settings (regarding the DNS information).

    Once you get your WordPress software set up the way you want it on GoDaddy’s server, then you’ll use tools on your WordPress.COM account to point your domain name to GoDaddy’s servers.

    I am having a similar problem with Ipage. Ipage is showing my version of WordPress as the one supplied by .org, but my dashboard keeps taking me to my site.

    I’m using the same domain name that was purchased at, could that create a problem?

    If possible, please give detailed instructions on how to fix, since I’m essentially technology illiterate. And the first person to solve this instantly becomes my hero. It’s been driving me batty for a few hours now.

    This is a wordpress.COM issue, so you’ll get better support in their forums. I wish I could help, but I just don’t have experience with the .COM service–it’s a totally different animal.

    However, you can find further info at the below link. Hope it helps!

    If you updated your self-hosted site’s URL before the domain was properly redirected to your self-hosted webspace (at iPage or GoDaddy), you can follow the instructions below to fix this error.

    Basically, your site doesn’t know its URL.

    OK, I want to put a new twist on this.

    Let’s say I have a site at and I have upgraded so that I can map a domain name (dropping the from my blog name).

    Now, I want to move the blog off of and just set up the blog using However, because my domain name is registered with, I can’t re-register that domain name.

    The first option is to cancel the domain name, give it a few days to become available, then re-register it with a different hosting service.

    I want to know if there is any other option to avoid losing the domain name for up to a week. Can I get hosting from a new provider and keep the domain name registered at Or is there a way to transfer it over?

    I can’t seem to find any help on the support/forums.

    I am also trying to move my site from .com to

    I also ran in to the same issue as you (have been running in to many issues — I am beginning to wonder if this is worth the hassle!) I do not think the issue we both are facing is a wordpress issue, it is on the GoDaddy side and has to do with changing your nameservers.

    Go to your GoDaddy portal to your Domain Manager (My Products –> Domains –> View Domain Manager).

    Check the box for the domain name in question, then click on “Nameservers” in the top menu bar. Then “Set Nameservers”. Yours was probably like mine, set to the WordPress nameservers. Click on “I have a hosting account with these domains.” instead.

    It may take up to a day or two for the changes to propogate, but then you should be able to login to the new admin panel to begin the switch.

    Hope that helps — I am not done with my transition either, so no final promises…

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