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  • Hi Guys,

    I am transferring from one wordpress theme to the other and have about 200 property listings on old theme. When I activate the new theme, those property listings do not pull through and cannot be seen on the new website. i suspect it is because the category under which those listings were created are probably specific to the old theme. Is there any way around this at all??



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  • Michael


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    was the old theme custom made?
    where is the new theme downloaded from?

    could be anything from categories (unlikely as most themes would show any category) to custom post types to ……….

    this is basically impossibly to answer without getting access to the dashboard or the full set of theme files – which would be beyond the capabilities of is forum, and might mean hiring somebody –

    the old theme is a templatic real estate theme. Not custom made. and the new theme is another real estate theme called WP Pro Real Estate 4 Responsive.

    The templatic listing process i believe was via a custom post type and the new one is as well. So in effect none of the two themes uses the standard wordpress post publishing tool.



    the name of the post type may be different,

    Due to the nature of the listings ( I assume you enter other non-standard data in the post editor like price range etc ) i would highly recommend engaging the help of a professional, they may be able to port from the old theme to the new one.

    The only other option would be manual reentry of the data to the new theme.

    Ok looks like it is not going to be a straight forward one and i have not got the time to re enter all the listings. i will post a job on and seek professional assistance. thanks for all your help.


    The custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomies are probably different between the two themes. You might be able to get away with Custom Field Bulk Editor –

    And I think there’s a plugin for changing post types too

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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