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  • Hi, I am novice so forgive any incorrect terminology. I would like to replace an existing website with a WordPress theme that I have recently purchased and have a number of queries. The existing website was created using Microsoft Front Page and is linked to a domain hosted by Jabweb.

    1) – Does anyone know whether Jabweb is a good host for WordPress?
    2) – Can you tailor / populate the wordpress theme offline – I want to my existing website to remain online until I am ready to switch?
    3) – I have just a little experience managing another simple wordpress based website. Other than that I am unfamilar with all the web-related terminolgy i.e. wp-login, php, ftp etc. Realistically therefore how easy is it to do the above (bearing in mind I run my own business and don’t hjave much time.)

    Thanks you for any assistance

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  • 2) Yes. Find the Codex article on installing WordPress, it has a section on installing locally on your computer.

    3) wp-login is the name of a WordPress file, FTP is easy, PHP will take a lot more time to pick up but you may not need it so much, depending on what you need to do.

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