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  • I’ve been experimenting with a WordPress site ( which i now want to transfer to the actual domain i want it on ( I made a back-up copy of the former wordpress site, and FTP’d this backup as the sites contents (and changing the WP settings on wp-config.php) to the new domain. I was assuming that the new domain would have all the settings, pages, media and anything else from the old test site to the new one but this hasn’t happened. WordPress is installed, and i’ve got access to the admin site, but nothings been transferred yet all the files and folders have been FTP’d over. What have a i done wrong?

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    Try reviewing Moving_WordPress.

    I’ve tried to follow the instructions on WordPress, i’ve got a copy of the ‘old’ wordpress file and also the .sql file. On the new site, i’ve uploaded the copy, and created a new database. When i change the database details, and add this via phpmyadmin i get an error message #1046 – No database selected. As far as i can see, the wp-config.php has the right database details, what have i done wrong?

    I hope you get an answer. I want to do the same, but I read nothing but horror stories, and disaster. I need to leave my current host to a new one soon, since I’m hitting the upper limits of my bandwidth.

    I wish we could get some handholding (not necessarily do our work), but some of us are not SQL experts. I’m sorry worried about this change.

    Well, we’ll see what you get.

    Same here, the database bit is really confusing. Still no luck.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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