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  • Can you post your site URL ?

    Did you change name servers at registrar as your domain name is still pointing to
    Nameservers :

    how do i do that?
    i did not change the name server

    where ever you registered your domain name you should have a way to change name servers for example if you registered domain name at when you login in account there should some place to change name servers so it points your host. Your host should have provided you with name servers.

    From which hosting company you bought the hosting?

    the hosting I bought from bluehost

    here where I got:

    If you are hosting your Web site with us (you have a hosting account with us associated with this domain) or you want to Park or Forward your domain, we will automatically set your nameservers for you.

    I want to park my domains.
    I have a hosting account with these domains.
    I have specific nameservers for my domains.
    Nameserver 1: * Nameserver 2: * Nameserver 3: Nameserver 4:

    so where do I get the new name server? how to find it?

    ok, I found the nameserver on blue host and updated it
    it said it would take up to 2 hours for changes to take place

    Did you buy domain name from bluehost or just hosting as you may have registered domain name some where else I see domain name is only ten days old.
    I get this as registrar Registrar : Public Interest Registry

    Your blog is still hosted at your old host. Now you have to move your blog to bluehost.

    i did not register a domain name with blue host, i am suing my old domain name which i registered with
    the domain name is only 10 days old and I can not transfer it yet, have to wait 50 days
    i change the name server to blue host and waiting for verification

    how do i transfer my blog to bluehost?

    so i change the name server and waitin on the effect to take place on the internet

    but i can not transfer the domain to a different registrar because of the 60 days non transfer period

    so, should i register a new domain with blue host and transfer my old blog info to the new one after instaling wp .org software? or would it beenough after the name server is changed to be able to log into without being redirected to

    Yes. DNS change is enough. You need not change registrar of domain. First you have to install WP at Bluehost and then move your blog to the new host.

    You can leave the domain name at as they are your domain name registrar all you need to do is change the name servers to point to blue host.

    I my self have few domain names that are not registered with my host as when I want to change my host I do not have to go to hassle of transferring domain names all I need to do is change name servers at registrar to new host and all have to do is wait for it propagate.

    Since You have your blog at and if you added any content you will need use Tools>>>>Export at and then import them on your bluehost install.

    ok, thank you very much!
    I did install the WP at Bluehost however when I attempt to log in, it redirects me to my
    is that because the change of name server has not taken place yet?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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