Transferred Site to new Domain - Homepage only come up (2 posts)

  1. Rowker
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I successfully was able to move my site to a new domain/hosting service. After changing the Home and Siteurl, my homepage now comes up. But none of the links work and show a 404 error. I moved WordPress to the root directory.

    I am able to log-in and make changes as normal.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. vtxyzzy
    Posted 1 year ago #

    When you move a site, you must replace the old URLs and paths with the new ones. Some of these are stored in the database in 'serialized' form where the string length is stored along with the string. You must use special tools to search and replace the old values with the new ones.

    If you replace an old URL with a new one of a different length, it will break the serialization, causing many different problems.

    If the old site is still available, you can use the steps shown in this article to copy the site: http://wordpress.mcdspot.com/2012/08/22/migrating-a-wordpress-site-step-by-step/

    If the old site is not available, and you still have a copy of the database from that site, you should be able to use this tool to make the changes: http://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

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