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  • Please WP gurus help me. To be honest I am not even sure it is a WP problem but I think it might be. I am lost so any help most appreciated.

    Here is what happened:
    I have a site and the domain name registrant was a PITA so I recently renewed my domain name and at the same time transferred it to someone else. I did not change hosts or do anything else.

    If you go to my site now, you will see that at the top of the page, it has a 404 message then an HR and then it displays the site as it ought to. The code tells me that there is one complete HTML file for the 404 followed by another HTML file for the rest of the page, all on the one source file.

    Clicking on a link within my blog leads to a “normal” 404 page. I am not able to access my Admin area because it also comes up with a 404 page.

    My host is not (so far) able to help so has anybody heard of this and knows what is happening?

    thanks in advance…


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  • Please – doesn’t anybody know anything I can try?


    I would still love some help… for now I have put up an HTML page but you can get to the WP site via to see what is happening

    I’ve figured it out. It is to do with a file called advanced-cache.php – the WP-Super Cache plugin I believe. I have more googling to do to find out what exactly happened and why but by renaming that file, I have my site back and accessible.

    It takes quite a while to get to the site with http://jenleheny.com is much faster. Are you sure you didn’t change something?

    hi Diane! Good to know I am not just talking to myself here 🙂

    I have been switching off some plugins hoping to speed my load times up a bit so let me know if it has made a difference now. I found I had quite a few counter/tracking type plugins that really didn’t interest me after all and they are probably slowing up the load due to tracking visitors etc. It seems faster to me now anyhow.

    Load time looks good; they were identical at the two URLs. Good job. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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