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  1. xbiboy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    How do I transfer the a post from my main site to a multi site subdomain
    we have a main site and all of the post are in there, but we are planning to convert it to a multi site with a subdomain ex. entertanment.domaain.com

    we want to transfer all of the post from the category entertainment from the root domain.com to the entertainment.domain.com [multisite] is there an easy way for that or what will be the process? is there a plugin we can use to transfer post, we will have other subdomains for it so we want to transfer a thousand post we really want this to be automated thanks

  2. xbiboy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    and also we want to get all the latest post from the subdomain[multisite] to the root domain.com

  3. How do I transfer the a post from my main site to a multi site subdomain

    Export the post(s?) and import them via the wordpress import/export plugin.


  4. xbiboy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    no, I have already posts from a category ex. entertainment and I only want to import that specific category for that multisite subdomain which is ex. entertainment.domain.com , not the whole post from the root, using the export tool of wordpress exports all the posts not the specific category, so I want only specific category to be exported and import it to the new multisite. how is the process for that?

  5. Like I said, Export the posts. You may have noticed you can export by AUTHOR, right?

    1. Create a new author called 'export'

    2. Use the filtering ability of Administration > Posts > Edit to isolate all posts in that category, select all those posts, then use Bulk Action, Edit, to change the author to 'export' on those posts.

    3. Use Administration > Tools > Export and limit the exported posts to the 'export' author.

  6. xbiboy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ohh sorry got it thanks for the info, another problem I am encountering is that when I export the post it suddenly stop and shows some error, I am exporting an expected thousan of post per category because it's a large site is there an adjustment I need to to do?

  7. "some error" is a totally useless phrase if you want help.

    You need to tell us what THE error is. I'm not psychic you know :)

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