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Transfered wordpress plugin problems

  • Hi guys

    I recently went from a VPS to another VPS on the same domain/network because of this I followed the wordpress codex to transfer wordpress to another host with the same domain.

    1) I backed up the Mysql Database with the extra drop tables
    2) Transfered the wordpress files over using binary
    3) imported the Mysql db
    4) edited the wp-config file
    5) set write permissions to HTaccess and recreate permalinks.

    Anyway I transferred the site to here http://agentit.com.au it went successfully however I’m having huge problems in using it. for example if you go here: http://agentit.com.au/computer-service-and-maintenance/ the plugin i use to generate pricing tables is completely messed up now??? So I try to reinstall, nothing, try to change chmod settings nothing, then i realize this is happening to another plugin, my contact forms which are not appearing at all

    So I decided to do a brand new installation in /new, uploaded my theme and installed the plugins, Same freaking issue, how can this be???? http://agentit.com.au/New/?page_id=40 brand new install

    now when you go into the pricing tables to edit them in the admin interface and preview them like this http://agentit.com.au/pricing-table/maintenance/ they work fine…..

    What is going on here? I can’t put my finger on it

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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