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  • HabsFan


    My wife is developing a WordPress site with the WooCommerce add-on and her computer is starting to act up.

    We would like to move the development site to another computer but have had issues actually getting this to work.

    I used this as an example of a way to do it. I have been able to get everything transferred over, ran the find/replace operation to change the localhost:port. I had to split the database us as it was too large to load in through phpmyadmin.

    The site dashboard comes up fine through Webmatrix but when I click on visit site, it switches back over to the old localhost:port. New computer localhost shows localhost:15675, old is localhost:17819. I even tried the InterconnecIT tool.

    I’m beginning to think Webmatrix is a bad idea but we don’t want to lose her work up to this point. Any suggestions to get around this? Would transferring the site via the Webmatrix Publish function to a live host online get rid of whatever Webmatix is doing locally and then we can copy the db and site files back and use something else besides Webmatrix?

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