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  • Alright.. I’ve searched the forums a bit and noticed others having the same issue – but haven’t gotten an answer that works.

    I transferred a domain from one server to another. I did this by creating a tarball of the entire website.. and unpacking it on the new server. Once I did that, I fixed the config.php to reflect the new database.

    I had two problems… (1) Although the various pages showed up in the admin interface, the links to them wouldn’t work. I solved this by changing the permalinks to default and switching them back.

    2) My biggest problem.. and unsolved is that all the settings and features I arranged for my theme to show up on my homepage are not working. The sidebar, the features, the widgets, the footers.. nothing is working.

    I’m using the Whitehouse Theme.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Thank you for that… I did read that already and tried every single step for what was appropriate (which is move to a new server).

    You changed server, but the domain name is the same right?

    Actually, how I have it written is I created a folder on another server and mirrored it with a subdomain. I haven’t transferred the name servers yet. So there it used to be (and that is still active) – but now it is uploaded to … and I have updated the configure.php and all the settings… so the database is showing up correctly… everything I have ever entered is there – with the exception of the features.

    How did you transfer the database? Are u pointing it to the old version? The URL setting must show the new domain for your new site to work properly.

    Thank you. Yes, I have gone into the database… found the URL setting in two places and changed it to the new (temporary) URL. I feel like it has to be a database issue – but clearly, the database is working as everything else works great – except the features. I feel like there has to be something inside the database for the features that I need to fix.

    Try to export the database, open it in a text editor, search and replace old url with the new one.

    finally fixed it… I don’t know what did it. I deleted everything on the new server and started from scratch… from database on down. Now it’s working and I can change the name servers… thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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