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    I’m moving a WordPress web site to another server (and another domain). The new host had installed WordPress on their server and I had the phpmyadmin logins to import the development DB into their install DB. I then uploaded the wp-content directory from the dev site onto the new site install (first renaming the wp-content that was there).

    Now when I look at the site in a browser, I don’t see any difference. Same install, same undeveloped pages. Am I missing something? I would have at least expected some broken pages or some change. It all seems unaffected.

    I left wp-config.php as it was, believing that the data was correct for its DB.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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  • Have you reviewed Moving_WordPress?

    Yes, and while I haven’t changed the site addresses before this switch (I was planning on doing so after the move), I still would expect SOME change in a browser view. Not just the same virgin install. Broken pages. Even (heaven forbid) a white screen of death. Some difference.

    Does what I have done seem like that was a reasonable expectation? Did I miss moving some file or directory that I would need?

    I have resolved this issue. The host had created the database and installed WordPress on the server, giving me (only) access by FTP and PHPMyAdmin. This host didn’t respond to phone or email when contacted. To complicate things, the host had actually created two WordPress installs, and I was left to determine which install was associated with the DB I had PHPMyAdmin access to. It turned out that neither WP install pointed to that DB, and I had to do some searching to figure out how to point one of them to that DB (I ended up using the IP in wp-config which I had never done before). Once that was accomplished, the site operated fine.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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