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    I’ve transferred my site to a new hosting service. Copied all files, including pictures and theme cache. Imported DB from old host to new. The site now shows on the new host service, however all the pictures just show as a red X. The files are all there in the proper directory, but they wont display… What am I missing here?

    Thanks.. Jon

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  • linux4me2


    First, I’d take a look at the error log for your server right after you tried to load a page with an image that doesn’t appear. If the error is a 404, file does not exist, for one or more of the images on the page, I’d pick one image to work with, then in the back end of WordPress on the new host, go Media -> Library, and click Edit for the image. Take a look at the File URL entry and compare it to the actual path to the image file on the new server. Chances are the path to the image in the database table “wp_posts” in the “guid” column is the one for the old host. You can either move the files to the correct location on the new server, or you can run a simple SQL query in phpMyAdmin to update all the entries to the correct path to solve the problem.

    If, however, the error says you don’t have permission to view the image, then the permissions for the folders/file are probably incorrect on the new server. Most web hosts will run a script from a shell to change all the folder/file permissions to the correct values for you in one pass.



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    Thanks for the feedback guys, I read the Moving WordPress section before I tried the migration to the new Host, and after reviewing it all again I can’t identify any missed items. I have confirmed access rights on the images, and the access to the theme cache is set properly. The files are there and if I try and hit the URL the image displays in the browser.

    Im thinking now the problem might be related to the timthumb.php script. Going to call and check with the Hosting Support folks today and see if there is something they need to do for me…

    Will update if I find a solution.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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