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  • algarcia


    I’ve searched a lot (aparently not enough!) and i havent find a solution to this domain issue.

    I have WP 2.6 installation running smoothly on and it is hosted on godaddy. It is a copy of a previous version of the same, hosted somewhere else on

    Via index.html on and i´ve been able to manage the forwarding to but when people looks for previous post of mine (old permalinks) on google or bookmarks these obviously dont show.

    what should i do here? i know i should try on a 301 or 302 editing .htaccess on and, the thing is that i´m afraid that images and stuff or old posts dont load the right way on

    by the way, thepermalink structure is the same on both, i just need a way so people who goes to are correctly forwarding to including files, posts, pictures, pages and stuff.

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