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  • I just signed up on for a free webhost and I am trying to set up WordPress. I can’t quite figure out how to use my domain that I purchased from WordPress for

    I tried editing the DNS of my domain to redirect it to my 000webhost account with the nameserver IP’s, but when I entered my URL into the browser, it just took me back to my original blog on How do I get the domain to connect with and direct me to a page that looke like this ?

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    You really need to ask the people how to do that properly: has some DNS which should be entered in the DNS of your domain in

    You have to make sure u have not set that domain primary domain in

    it will take arround 3 hours

    then u can add your domain in as parked domain.

    then it will take 24 to 72 hours

    and you will be up and running

    dont forget to put your domain in wordpress admin panel once its installed.

    A Few days back i was asking these things [:D]

    wow! thank you so much! I didn’t expect help this fast. im very pleased with wordpress now haha. if I have further difficulties, I will be sure to ask you. I just have one more question.

    How do I add my domain as a PARKED domain? What do you mean by that?

    oh wait, sorry, the Parked Domain option is right in the Control Panel. silly me haha.

    excuse me, but im in a bit of confusion. Here is my situation. my domain that I purchased from is I set my domain as my primary domain and then I edited the DNS of to the ones given to me on The site that I signed up with was, and I cannot park onto itself, so was i supposed to make a dummy site or something? is Parking the domain essential in the process?

    Here is what I see

    As you can see, my original domain IS and i have nothing else to park there.


    I’ve made this transfer a few times and I’m not sure if you are running into the same bit or not. Disregard this if it doesn’t hit home for you.

    Editing your Name Servers and your DNS are done in different places with This can be confusing if this is the first domain you’ve ever purchased or if you are new to using systems.

    You need to edit your Name Servers to get your domain pointed outside of If you edit DNS (Upgrades->Domains->Edit DNS) you are only controlling what happens once the domain is inside the name server environment. This isn’t the right behavior if you are moving hosts.

    To point your domain to your new host, you have to edit your Name Servers, available by going to Upgrades->Domains->Manage Your Domains
    You have to go through the process of setting up a pin, etc. but that will give you the ability to use an interface similar to GoDaddy’s domain manager, to point your Name Servers to your new host.

    Hope this helps.

    oh wow! thank you. i didn’t see where i had to set up a pin, but i did manage to edit the name servers!. thank you so much, your help is greatly appreciated. that was the step i was stuck on for days!

    I think this mite be my last question. Sorry for the trouble

    In 000webhost, there are IP Addresses for both nameservers. What do i do with those? Do I just disregard them? I ask this because I wonder “How does 000webhost know that is MY domain with only nameservers?”

    After the nameservers have settled in the 24-48 hour time period, is there anything else I need to do? I know I have to set up the MySQL database which is self explanatory.

    Hi Joogle,

    I just followed up on this and see that you have a WP site live at your domain. When you get a chance, please share how you got to the finish line on this. Was it by setting your nameservers to, ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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