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  • Hello to the whole team and thank you in advance to those who will take the time to read my request. This is one of the biggest “stuff” I’m going to try to do on my current setup.

    For this I would need advice and help from those who have a general idea of ​​my purpose and/or who have experienced it before.

    My current WP setup

    PHP/MySQL version: 7.3
    Theme used: Flatesome / Eduma / Newspapers
    Extensions in place:
    Name of the host: OVH
    Website address: [ redundant link removed ]

    Initial situation: I have several activities around creation on the internet. Starting first in creative art, I quickly moved on to creating digital art, then websites, then fun and educational activities, and finally, writing in general (JDR; JDS, etc.). I used my main installation ( to create subdomains:

    In order to centralize my social networks and save time on the time-consuming aspect of these things, I quite recently undertook to centralize all my activities around creation around a single name, not yet definitive…

    Problematic situation: I have to manage to transfer [ redundant link removed ] and its subdomains to the following installations without losing too much and without too much work (i.e. recovering the articles, the configuration themes, etc.). (therefore making the main site a subdomain)

    Resolution levers: to achieve this, I already have several leads. I guess I already have to do a new installation with a new domain name, with the name to be defined. Next, I need to transfer the data, database, and config files to the new install. I saw that there were WordPress plugins to manage this, but does it manage multisites? It’s quite technical and I’m afraid to start the procedure without having a safety net behind. The plugin in question is called: Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin.

    I tell myself that at worst, by registering the domain name and the hosting, I can do tests quite easily between the two installations.

    Thanks in advance for reading,

    Good for you,

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  • The URLs you mentioned are not subdomains but directories. A subdomain is, for example, “mysubdomain” in while is the directory “mydirectory”.

    How to move a WordPress installation is described here:

    You would have to create a directory for each site on the target system and move the projects there as described in the article.

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    Thanks you a lot for your response. I will look the link you mentioned below.
    See you !

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