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    I'm using WordPress in Esperanto and the encoding of the special characters is (almost) perfectly working (except for the quick edits).

    The feature I'm requesting would be to be able to define transcription patterns for where special characters can't be used.

    As an example: define that the German "ä" gets "ae" wherever the "ä" can't be used (such as hyperlinks/URL-names for tags etc.). In Esperanto the transcription of "ŝ" to "sx" or "sh" (as preferred) would be an example.

    For now WordPress just takes away any diacritic marks, so "ä" gets "a" and "ŝ" gets "s", which is very annoying, because this may create ambiguities like the German "äpfel" (apples) becoming "apfel" (an apple) or the Esperanto "ŝi" (she) becoming "si" (itself). Thus I have to correct the tags manually every time.

    What do you think, would it be easy to integrate this?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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