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    I am getting the above error when processing transactions, the transaction in EPDQ is fine. One thing I have now found since my post in a different topic is that on line 549 of the class.epdq.php file. The line:

    $SHASIGN = isset($_REQUEST['SHASIGN']) ? $_REQUEST['SHASIGN'] : '';

    This is blank, $_REQUEST[‘SHASIGN’] isn’t set. Do you know what could cause this? The SHA values are set in the backend of the website and EPDQ and are the same. I am using SHA512.

    Many thanks



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    Thank you for using my plugin.

    I need you to do a thing for me. You need to paste the following code in the empty space before the line 567, before the the code – if( strtolower($shasignxy) == strtolower($SHASIGN) ){

    the code to be pasted-


    This code is to find out where is the real problem occuring. This is the place where the plugin verifies the transaction. Check that both the $_GET and $x arrays contain the same elements (key value pairs). Then check the $shasignxy and $SHASIGN are the same. If the last two are not same, you’ll get that error.

    You can see in the codes of some preceding lines that $x is just storing the values delivered by the Barcleys and hashing them based on the SHA-OUT code. So if the problem is arising frequently then you need to be sure that there is problem in the values which are used to generate the pass phrase.

    Now you need to try to recreate the pass phrase (shasign) by digesting the key value pairs and check if they matches in any point. You can simply comment out any key => value pair from the array $x and reload the page where you’ve seen the text ‘Transaction Verification Error’.

    Please this is a trial and error process, so that don’t become impatient. But first I will recommend you to read the instruction manuals of Barcleys to get a better understanding of the parameters and how to configure them.

    Please drop a comment what you’ve got after trying this. Since I can’t see the actual error, this is the best I can do for you.

    Thanks again.


    I placed a similar comment here (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/transaction-verification-error-1?replies=5) but have followed the steps above to try and fix the problem to no avail. The output of my var dump is shown below. The pairs generated from the Barclays system do not match all those from within the .php code, the array size is 18 compared to 27. I can see that the hash values do not match. I am unsure how to proceed. In your code your compare the hash value of $_REQUEST[‘SHASIGN’] with the hash value of $xy which I don’t quite understand.

    //Barclays Array
    array(18) {
    ["wc-api"]=> string(11) "WC_Nom_EPDQ"
    ["orderID"]=> string(3) "475"
    ["currency"]=> string(3) "GBP"
    ["amount"]=> string(4) "0.02"
    ["PM"]=> string(10) "CreditCard"
    ["ACCEPTANCE"]=> string(7) "test123"
    ["STATUS"]=> string(1) "5"
    ["CARDNO"]=> string(16) "XXXXXXXXXXXX1111"
    ["ED"]=> string(4) "0216"
    ["CN"]=> string(13) "test19 test19"
    ["TRXDATE"]=> string(8) "02/26/14"
    ["PAYID"]=> string(8) "28407791"
    ["NCERROR"]=> string(1) "0"
    ["BRAND"]=> string(4) "VISA"
    ["CVCCheck"]=> string(2) "NO"
    ["AAVCheck"]=> string(2) "NO"
    ["IP"]=> string(11) ""
    ["SHASIGN"]=> string(40) "B4FE23903D3855E33C50C439238E81553A228692" } 
    // WooCommerce Plugin Array
    array(27) {
    ["AAVADDRESS"]=> string(0) ""
    ["AAVCHECK"]=> string(2) "NO"
    ["AAVZIP"]=> string(0) ""
    ["ACCEPTANCE"]=> string(7) "test123"
    ["AMOUNT"]=> string(4) "0.02"
    ["BIN"]=> string(0) ""
    ["BRAND"]=> string(4) "VISA"
    ["CARDNO"]=> string(16) "XXXXXXXXXXXX1111"
    ["CCCTY"]=> string(0) ""
    ["CN"]=> string(13) "test19 test19"
    ["COMPLUS"]=> string(0) ""
    ["CURRENCY"]=> string(3) "GBP"
    ["CVCCHECK"]=> string(2) "NO"
    ["ECI"]=> string(0) ""
    ["ED"]=> string(4) "0216"
    ["FXAMOUNT"]=> string(0) ""
    ["FXCURRENCY"]=> string(0) ""
    ["IP"]=> string(11) ""
    ["IPCTY"]=> string(0) ""
    ["NCERROR"]=> string(1) "0"
    ["ORDERID"]=> string(3) "475"
    ["PAYID"]=> string(8) "28407791"
    ["PM"]=> string(10) "CreditCard"
    ["STATUS"]=> string(1) "5"
    ["SUBBRAND"]=> string(0) ""
    ["TRXDATE"]=> string(8) "02/26/14"
    ["VC"]=> string(0) "" } 
    string(40) "fe31a3c32fbfaaf36b5ea234b917b2ff2e69a77e"
    string(40) "b4fe23903d3855e33c50c439238e81553a228692"


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    This topic references an old version of WordPress.


    Have you solved it??

    i also getting transaction verification error! return after payment.i checked SHA_IN and SHA_OUT parameters are correct.also AAVCHECK and CVCCHECK checkbox are checked.

    var_dump of following varible after payment


    array(1) {
    string(11) “WC_Nom_EPDQ”
    array(27) {
    [“AAVADDRESS”]=>string(0) “”
    [“AAVCHECK”]=>string(2) “NO”
    [“AAVZIP”]=>string(0) “”
    [“ACCEPTANCE”]=>string(0) “”
    [“AMOUNT”]=>string(0) “”
    [“BIN”]=>string(0) “”
    [“BRAND”]=>string(0) “”
    [“CARDNO”]=>string(0) “”
    [“CCCTY”]=>string(0) “”
    [“CN”]=>string(0) “”
    [“COMPLUS”]=>string(0) “”
    [“CURRENCY”]=>string(0) “”
    [“CVCCHECK”]=>string(2) “NO”
    [“ECI”]=>string(0) “”
    [“ED”]=>string(0) “”
    [“FXAMOUNT”]=>string(0) “”
    [“FXCURRENCY”]=>string(0) “”
    [“IP”]=>tring(0) “”
    [“IPCTY”]=>string(0) “”
    [“NCERROR”]=>string(0) “”
    [“ORDERID”]=>string(0) “”
    [“PAYID”]=>string(0) “”
    [“PM”]=>string(0) “”
    [“STATUS”]=>string(0) “”
    [“SUBBRAND”]=>string(0) “”
    [“TRXDATE”]=>string(0) “”
    [“VC”]=>string(0) “”
    array(1) {
    [“wc-api”]=>string(11) “WC_Nom_EPDQ”
    string(40) “83cf89888ccbd0ad078239553ed5d62a038f8730”
    string(0) “”

    i didnt find any response from EPQD

    please help me..

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