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  • It appears that the Products Table isn’t showing all products in the transaction results page.
    I have the Transaction Results page upgrade installed and the product table shows fine is I disable this plugin so I am assuming that it the issue is with the plugin.
    I am using:
    Wordpress 4.2.2
    WP E-Commerce shop styling Transaction Results Page upgrade 1.0

    Is this plugin compatible with WP 4.2.2?

    Also, in my email templates, and transaction results page etc I have the placeholder for shipping cost {total_shipping}.
    However this results in an unformatted number as shown below:

    Shipping: 6.5

    Can you suggest how I can get properly formatted output.

    Many thanks

    NOTE: I posted this support request on the plugin site but got no response so I am reposting here.

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  • I got the same issue. First installed Shop styling some months ago. Customization worked fine. But then, likely after further updates, the wp ecommerce products table ceased to show on the transaction results page and emails. Also, the admin backend showed only the sum, not all articles of a transaction.

    Uninstalling shop styling fixed the problem — for a moment. Then the same error occurred again. Now, reinstalling plus a complete uninstall fixed things. Likely again for the moment. I know it sounds odd.

    At any rate, in a page that previously ran for some years, this error first occurred after I added shop styling — and while I really like this plugin’s options, it is quite an unnerving error the real roots and fix to which I’ve yet to find.

    System wp 4.4.2
    Last installed version of shop styling 2.9.1

    If anyone experienced similar or got a helpful hint on how to solve, please let me know. Thanks in advance. :]

    I’m afraid that I gave up on this plugin and used another plugin to generate nice looking emails.
    The other reason i used this Shop Styling plugin was to customize the transaction results messages but i also wanted to be able to customize them for Wholesalers and Retailers.
    i achieved this in the end by using the pre_option function to directly manipulate the transaction results text in the database and this worked really well.
    Details of the pre_option usage here:
    I never got to the bottom of the issue with the product table and neither did the developer so it is probably an edge case issue caused by some kind of conflict.
    To be honest i got so worn down by the effort involved in trying to solve this kind of issue with wp-ecommerce and associated plugins that i jumped ship and went over to Woocommerce which has been a very pleasant ride so far.
    Sorry it’s not good news.


    Thank you for the tip and info, Mouli!

    I considered a similar change myself after I’m pretty pleased with how woocommerce runs on another site. So, thanks again for getting back to me & I hope everything keeps running fine for you!

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