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    Hi there,

    Thanks for this plugin.

    We’ve been seeing an error when trying to process a payment:

    x_fp_hash : Could not validate the integrity of the payment from the transaction key, x_fp_hash, x_fp_sequence, x_fp_timestamp, x_amount, and (optionally) x_currency_code and x_fee_amount values of the request.

    Confirmed the transaction key and payment page ID are correct. Payeezy support initially said:

    Please check any third party plugin settings and ensure you have the correct transaction key configured. I performed some tests and the only time I can replicate the same value for x_fp_hash is when the transaction key is not part of the hash calculation. Please ensure that you have a transaction key configured in any plugin settings or in your web application code.

    I activated “troubleshooting” mode, and sent their support guy the output, showing correct transaction key etc, and he responded with

    Your output is correct and generates the correct x_fp_hash value as well. However, if I omit the transaction key from the concatenation I generate the exact same value for the x_fp_hash that was outlined on the error email. We’ve seen instances, mostly with WordPress, that when the WordPress website/version is updated it clears plugin settings.

    Have you seen the plugin settings get erased when WP is updated? I don’t think I ran any WP updates on this site prior to this issue occurring, and have never seen the transaction key and payment page ID fields with empty values in the settings screen.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Richard Rottman


    No, the settings to the plugin are not cleared when WP is updated. That’s wrong.

    When you put the plugin in Troubleshooting mode, do you see the Transaction Key displayed on the page? For example, this is from my demo account:

        [x_login] => WSP-RICHA-FWubnQB6gw
        [transaction_key] => ThZ~NlTYug5JI0I1f0fq
        [x_amount] => 9.00
        [x_fp_sequence] => 135217
        [x_fp_timestamp] => 1541014704
        [x_fp_hash] => c28551d1575d8d838f76112cc0259d20
        [x_currency_code] => USD
    Plugin Author Richard Rottman


    Also, go into Payeezy > Payment Pages > the payment page > 9. Security > HMAC Calculation and make sure it’s set to HMAC-MD5.

    Thread Starter brianWP


    Thanks Richard, appreciate the response. Yes, I see the transaction key on the page that loads when in troubleshooting mode. I’ll check the HMAC calculation shortly; client’s Payeezy login stopped working.

    Thread Starter brianWP


    HMAC-MD5 was already set. Just used a Payeezy test credit card and transaction went through fully to payment confirmation…so I have no idea what was going on.

    Plugin Author Richard Rottman


    Did you go into the settings after updating the plugin? When you update a plugin, WordPress deletes the existing plugin and then installs the new one. All the settings are saved in the database, but when you go into settings, it creates a file containing the Transaction Key. If this file is missing, it will send transactions to Payeezy without the Transaction Key.

    Any time you update the plugin, you should go into the settings and make sure everything is what it should be.

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