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  • Hi to all,

    Last week, After clicking the Checkout button, I’m sent to Paypal, The paypal respose was,

    “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment.”
    Thanks a lot, paypal. No clue as to what “things.” Some pal.

    So I update my template and woocommerce plugin to its latest versionn3.0.5 hoping the issue will resolve. But it wasn’t. I temporary disable the paypal checkout. I test the paypal checkout again today, the previous message was gone but replace by this new message,

    “Transaction Cancelled

    Error Message
    This function is temporarily unavailable. Please try your payment again later by returning to eBay and clicking the My eBay button.”


    I also found this last week, Paypal error: Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. it is from different plugin. I don’t think they resolve the issue either.

    Before I post this, I tried the paypal sandbox and it seems to be working but not the live version.

    Is anyone out there know the solution? I will really appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance.

    our website is,

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  • I guess we should be fixing this line as well?:

    'return' => esc_url_raw( add_query_arg( 'utm_nooverride', '1', $this->gateway->get_return_url( $order ) ) ),

    replace with:

    'return' => urlencode( add_query_arg( 'utm_nooverride', '1', $this->gateway->get_return_url( $order ) ) ),

    and then…

    'cancel_return' => esc_url_raw( $order->get_cancel_order_url_raw() ),

    replace with:

    'cancel_return' => urlencode( $order->get_cancel_order_url_raw() ),

    All this in:

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    Switching to the woocommerce paypal express plugin has worked for me.

    @angeladasferkel, you can share url of your site, I will try help you.

    Well I changed it to Express PayPal Checkout and of course now it works. PayPal Button directly out of the cart. I like the option to set the landing page, so customers can get to the billing landing and not only the login area. It’s offtopic but is there a way to delete ”Proceed to checkout” button cause now customers are confused. They see the PayPal Express Button AND the ”Proceed to checkout” button.

    I offer PayPal (with al mjaor credit/debits) and Bitpay.
    Want to change the PayPal Express button also (with master/visa logos)
    Can somebody help?

    this error you all experience seems to be only for paypal standard checkout.

    @slash1andy I’m already with WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway and still have the same error…

    @dabodude have you tried your solution? Is it working on your woocommerce site?

    look forward to an update

    I check before and after update 3.0.6, same ….

    @ebooksulit and @dabodude

    thanks you so much, it working fine.

    solution in page 7 :

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    I tried the code change for the cancel_return line, and I’m guessing that those of you who say it fixed it are just actually seeing the randomness, or browser cache clearing or whatever it is that actually fixes it, because when I do that change, if I actually click on the “cancel and return to merchant” small link on the bottom of the page when i first get to paypal, and the URL doesn’t work (due to the encoding being incorrect).

    I have a phone call with woocommerce support tomorrow morning, so hopefully they’ll figure it out then…

    I just changed to the Express Checkout and it fixed the problem straight away. Thanks for that tip!

    I’m having the similar problem, guest checkout works fine but if already logged in and then click “cancel and return to merchant” then the URL doesn’t work.

    Which Express Checkout plugin do you use? The one by WooCommerce has so many bad reviews that I’m skeptical to try it.

    before updating woo my temporary fix was express-checkout (enable) then paypal standard (disable) .. but now when i updated (thinking it would fix the problem) new error appeared.. i followed @dangcv fix and it all work..

    note (maybe someone needs to know)
    – you can use Opera browser then turn On VPN then test your own online store then do a dummy check-out. if it goes to paypal login then its good to go! and check woo-orders if its pending.. cheers!


    I used the WooCommerce one, It has over 200,000 users. I have had a few customers go and check it out for me as I have a lot of products with variations etc, and no problems at all so far. I tried changing to code on my site and it didn’t work, just came back with the Cart Empty error instead.

    I also updated after I installed the new plugin and it is still working fine. So I guess we are all having different outcomes dependent on other plugins/themes we are using maybe??? I cant understand how some fixes are working for some but not others.

    A couple of years ago I had to have an alternate checkout function added to my site (its the COD option that I changed the name to Invoice by Colour Cascades” due to amount of errors Woocommerce is constantly having with Paypal. I have (and have had for almost 4 years now) a message saying if you cannot connect to Paypal due to an error, please use the other option. The order would still come through and I would just send an invoice manually.

    Getting the same issue here. This is not ideal…

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