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  • Hi

    I am looking for training in wordpress. From beginner to pro.
    Anyone who has had a good experience, please let me know.

    My preference is in the following order:
    1) A comprehensive online resource
    2) Distance Learning course
    3) Onsite Learning course
    4) A good book

    Also, are there any qualifications which are suitable in this field and where to get them?


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  • I am looking for the same. I went over to Amazon they have some books on WP but not sure which is the one for me? You might like the one called WordPress for Dummies if you are just getting started with WP.

    I have a little more experience and don’t want half the book covering elementary things after paying for it…

    I would like to find a book that elaborates on CSS as well as some nifty tricks to install cool gadgets to create a following or a bit easier then a dig-it button. Not to mention swimming in code to figure where and how to place a button on ones page(s) or site.
    I was shown HTML and understand that yet CSS eludes me a bit although it is just another page of commands I feel some disconnect from the page I am working on, as that is for text and what not and the css is the command page where things are to be placed and such.

    Not jacking your thread merely agreeing and stating what I would be looking for as I went to Amazon books and there are a few of them over there.

    Any suggestions anyone?
    Something that is an easy read that one can hope around from Plug ins to Css to embedding video, all while speaking in an easy to read format???

    Here is the books as featured by WP but which one delves into Code?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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